Update: more death, illness

Yesterday at 14:10 | (Wire reports) Ukraine’s Health Ministry on Nov. 5 said the death toll of patients with flu-related and acute respiratory illnesses (ARI) had jumped to 95.

Deputy Health Minister Zinoviy Mytnik said told journalists during a press briefing that a total of 633, 877 cases of flu-related and ARI have been registered from Oct. 29 through Nov. 5.

Mytnik said 15 of 31 patient samples sent to London for laboratory analysis tested positive for the H1N1, or swine flu, virus.

Meanwhile, over 600 medical workers in Kyiv have fallen sick with the flue and acute respiratory illnesses, according to Kyiv deputy Mayor Iryna Kilchitskaya, who on Nov. 5 told a daily Kyiv newspaper that 200 of the afflicted are doctors.

In a related story, Ihor Pokanevych, head of the WHO office in Kyiv, told Deutsche Welle on Nov. 5 that in Ukraine, as in the rest of the world, there will be three waves of the swine flu virus: the first – which Ukraine is experiencing now, the second – in the spring, and the third – during the autumn of 2010.

Pokanevych noted that the current pandemic is complicated to sort out because it involves three strains of flu virus: two seasonal strains [of the Brisbane] flu and the swine flu, which as a result could lead the virus to mutate into a still more virulent, new virus.



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