The school nurse called me about noon. DD had a tempt of a 102. By the time I got there about 20 minutes later, her tempt was up to 103.9. I’m telling you, it was really, really creepy to see my daughter being led down the hall by the school nurse and she was wearing a mask. It was a surreal moment for me. The nurse seem to indicate that she was in the advanced stage of H1N1, cough, high temp, chills/aches, runny nose. But the kicker is that only yesterday DD had a mild cough. This morning, still had the mild cough and said she didn’t feel bad. She said it hit her on the bus, and got worse as the morning went on. A teacher, horrified at DD’s face being so red and hot to the touch, sent her to the nurse. Her temp was taken and she was masked. The nurse walked DD to the car for me, as DD was wobbly. I’m 4’10” 100lbs, DD is 5’4″ and 120lbs. So if she fell, I’d be helpless to get her up. She couldn’t even walk straight. I’m trying very hard not to panic, I mean this is my child. I’m not “reading” about other children. I had H1N1 back in late August. The onset of symptoms was day by day, and finally about day 3 or 4 I was bedridden for 2 whole days. It took me 13 days to feel like I wanted to live, 15 days to where I started to feel somewhat normal. The cough lingered and lingered. I finally got DD’s tempt down 3 hours later. Between cold compress, tylenol, ice cream, and ice water, it subsided. 3 hours laters, it started to come back. The last thing she said to me before she went to sleep was: “Well, I don’t have to live in fear of it anymore.” My baby. It’s going to be a long night. DD is confined to her room, and if she comes out into the rest of the house she is to be masked, which scared DD 7 at first. I’m worried that the baby will get sick, but it’s going to happen. I’m hoping that because the girls were exposed to it while I was sick, it won’t effect them near as bad. I called her Dr. and they gave me the standard routine. The can’t see every person who has H1N1 symptoms. The can’t cope with the load ontop of seeing the regular patients. And besides, their book for the next week. So much for getting her Tamiflu. It’s alright though. I expected this. She has no unlying health issues that we know of (she just had a physical for sports) so I’ll sit up through the night and keep an eye on her, check her temp every two hours, keep her hydrated throughout the night. She’ll be o.k. But try telling that to DH. He thinks if a kid gets H1N1 it’s an automatic hospitalization. I told him to stop watching so much t.v.!