Recombinomics Commentary 22:43
October 29, 2009
New York Gov. David Paterson has declared a state of emergency because of the rise in swine flu cases.

The executive order means that far more health care professionals – including dentists – will be permitted to administer vaccines with only brief training. The order is needed to suspend provisions of state law.

New York officials said the number of vaccine doses is also being increased. The federal government is ramping up availability of the vaccine, allowing the state to order twice as many doses as a week ago, a trend that’s expected to continue.

The above comments describe the declaration of a state of emergency in New York, which follows President Barack Obama’s declaration for the entire country.  Although these announcements are said to be anticipatory and an attempt to streamline treatment, evidence is mounting that these steps are in response to a rapidly accelerating spread of H1N1, leading to school closings, hospitalizations, and deaths, which are straining the health care system.

Nationally, the declaration is designed to reduce red tape associated with treatment and to increase drugs under regulatory review, such as Premavir, which is currently in clinical trials as an IV treatment for influenza.  However, like Tamiflu, H274Y seriously reduces the effectiveness of the drug, increasing concerns that widespread H274Y will seriously impact antiviral treatment, leading to more hospitalizations and deaths.

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