In yesterday’s blog, I mentioned what I thought were the root causes of the H1N1v vaccine shortage/delay situation. 

So as I always try to do, I reached out to an expert to get his opinion and bounce theories off of him.  In this case, the expert is one of the top scientists in the field of vaccine research:  Dr. Greg Poland of the Mayo Clinic.

His introductory paragraph from the Mayo Clinic Website states:

Vaccine-preventable infectious diseases; vaccines against agents of bioterrorism; predictors of vaccine response; antigen processing and HLA presentation; vaccine immunogenetics; cancer vaccines.

I have been seeking Dr. Poland’s counsel for several years, and he has always proven himself to be receptive, affable, and eager to contribute.  He is, in short, a great guy, though I have never met him.  I feel as though I have, and one day I shall.

Anyway, Dr. Poland concurred with my belief that the two major factors that have contributed to the delays are a low-yield, difficult-to-grow virus; plus an “overly optimistic” Federal government spin on the vaccine situation.

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