by Richard Knox

October 26, 2009

Millions of Americans already have been infected with swine flu. Forty-six states have widespread flu, and the president has declared a national emergency.

But only recently have U.S. health officials discovered why manufacturers can’t deliver as much swine flue vaccine as expected.

Officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say for months, the companies didn’t realize how far short their vaccine “yields” were falling. That’s because they didn’t have the chemicals — called reagents — that would have told them how much active ingredient they had in their vaccine production vats.

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•  Federal government buying unadjuvanted vaccine from Australia for pregnant women (Link)
•  Ottawa-area child confirmed death from H1N1 (Link)

•  More than half of Chinese ‘don’t want swine flu shot’ (Link)

El Salvador
•  Co-infections of H1N1 & dengue (Link)

•  H5N1 Bird Outbreaks in Java, Bengkulu (Link)

•  Japanese Make A Robot That Acts Like It’s Dying Of H1N1 (Link)

Saudi Arabia
•  39th death, of boy, father outraged at treatment and non-H1N1 designation (Link)

South Korea
•  5 deaths confirmed, including an elementary school student (Link)

•  1095 cases reported and 5 in hospitals and 1 in serious condition (Link)

United Kingdom
•  ‘Blackburn trio contract swine flu’ (Link)

United States
•  US: Northwest H1N1 death toll climbs (Link)
•  GOP Leader Promises Support in Swine Flu Outbreak (Link)
•  US: concern over lack of vaccines and extent of early flu season infection levels (Link)
•  US: SEC and Homeland Security need Web backup, GAO says (Link)
•  CA: Huge crowds turning out for swine flu vaccine  (Link)
•  CA: father/parent protests school policy regarding H1N1 notifications (Link)
•  CA: Palo Alto-area parents w/ children express concerns of H1N1 spreading locally (Link)
•  IA: Iowa’s political blamegame begins, & info confirming 1000 US deaths and 2400+ probables (Link)
•  KA: sudden loss of freshman girl while in Indianapolis on school trip (Link)
•  Park Nicollet shuts down flu-shot appointment line (Link)
•  ND: North Dakota confirms 1st death from H1N1 (Link)
•  NE: Omaha hospitals require masks and set new rules for visitors (Link)
•  NH: New Hampshire schools see surge of absenteeism (Link)
•  NJ: student’s ‘mystery death’ possibly H1N1  (Link)
•  NJ: Flu cancels Perfect Attendance contest for year in several districts (Link)
•  OH: One Ohio Valley School Closes Due To Flu  (Link)
•  OR: Metro tempers flare as vaccination lines grow, supplies run out (Link)
•  OR: 33 More Hospitalizations over the weekend  (Link)
•  PA: Philadelphia sees ‘rapid’ rise of H1N1 cases (Link)
•  TX: El Paso confirms county’s 8th death from H1N1 (Link)
•  WI: children’s musical studios close for the week due to ILI (Link)
•  WV: 17 yr old girl’s death may be 1st death in Monongalia County (Link)

•  Hanoi reported its first influenza A death Saturday, raising the country’s tally to 32 (Link)

•  13 deaths, only one hospital prepared for H1N1 (Link)