Published: October 17, 2009

Yolanda Ray works in the kind of place where people “really love to eat and snack.” Colleagues are quick to tempt one another, she says, with homemade dishes and sugary treats laid bare for the taking on desktops.

Before the age of swine flu, the arrangement was fine. But now, employees at Rudd Equipment in Louisville, Ky., have new company-wide directives: No sharing of unwrapped candy. Cakes and pies must be cut and wrapped at home. Food needs to be served with utensils.

“Someone brought in crackers and a cheese dip,” said Ms. Ray, the director of personnel management, who confesses to seeing potential disaster in chocolaty brownies and bowls of candy corn. “I put a hand sanitizer right there on the table.”

She added, “Sometimes I feel like the swine flu police.”

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•  China confirms 2nd death (Link)

•  7 deaths (up 4 from last week) and 700 cases of H1N1 (up 79) (Link)

•  Personal blog about situation there (Link)

•  6 new deaths, toll reaches 405, and 152 new cases Thursday (Link)
•  1st death confirmed from H1N1 in border area w/ Bangladesh (Link)
•  Pune has confirmed 4 more deaths, one man in the military (Link)

•  Emperor’s ducks sick with [low-path] bird flu (Link)

•  47 now confirmed with H1N1 (Link)

New Zealand
•  50 visiting Japanese students thought to have H1N1, 5 confirmed (Link)

South Korea
•  1st child death (ages 6-19) confirmed (Link)

•  Follow-up Report on H7 in Chickens (Link)
•  2 more deaths confirmed (Link)

Sri Lanka
•  Lyceum International School closes til Oct. 25 for H1N1 (Link)

Trinidad and Tobago
•  Lady Executive died of ‘bronco’ pneumonia, abscesses, no H1N1 so far (Link)
•  2 more deaths from ‘pneumonia’, 2 more denials of H1N1 (Link)
•  Island loses District Governor of Rotary Club to H1N1 (Link)

United Kingdom
•  Northern Ireland reports another child death  (Link)
•  Sussex school ‘struck down’ by outbreak (Link)

United States
•  CDC officials says H1N1 causing “unprecedented illness for so early in the fall” (Link)
•  AZ: Long lines of people get H1N1 nasal mist vaccine in Pima, Arizona (Link)
•  GA: Waycross teacher confirmed to have H1N1 when she died (Link)
•  ID: local youth coach dies of suspected H1N1  (Link)
•  KY: 8th confirmed death in Kentucky in 20s m  (Link and link)
•  MN: H1N1 infected 3 swine at the Minnesota State Fair (Link)
•  NH: New Hampshire’s Nashua has big turnout for H1N1 vaxx & Emergency Response Drill (Link)
•  NM: Clovis school has to close for H1N1, 3 new deaths confirmed, total now 12 in state (Link)
•  TX: No mass vaccination planned for Dallas County (Link)
•  TX: San Marcos (south of Austin) has 1st H1N1 student death  (Link)
•  FW 15 yr old girl survives H1N1 in ICU thanks to ECMO (Link)
•  WA: Olympia area man in late 20s died from ILI (Link)
•  WV: Wood County pregnant woman 5th death confirmed in state (Link)

•  WHO says at least 4,735 people have perished from H1N1 so far (Link)

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