“The fear of swine flu is being compounded by new worries, this time among primary care doctors who say that they are already being swamped by calls from patients anxious to get the new vaccine, and that they are ill-prepared to cope with the nationwide drive to immunize everyone, particularly children and adults with chronic illness.”

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Dominican Republic
•  9 more cases confirmed, 12 unconfirmed in hospital  (Link)

•  2 private hospitals warned for not ‘informing’ gov of 2 H1N1 patients  (Link)
•  351 now confirmed dead from H1N1 (Link)
•  Mention of deaths and 3 new patients in Ludhiana and Amritsar (Link)

South Africa
•  South Africa takes H1N1 campaign to KZN prisons  (Link)

United States
•  NPR flu vaccine Q&A (Link
•  AR: state confirms 2 more H1N1 deaths, not counting Tx boy’s death in Sept (Link)
•  AR: local PBS AETN will host doctors/flu experts to answer public’s queries  (Link)
•  CO: volunteers sought in Colorado to help at flu vaxx clinics  (Link)
•  CO: Seventh H1N1 death confirmed in Colorado  (Link)
•  GA: Atlanta school officials expect H1N1 vaxx this week (Link)
•  IN: Indianapolis HCWs get H1N1 vaxx (Link)
•  KS: Wichita ISD no longer will reports H1N1 cases in students (Link)
•  KY: 2 additional H1N1-related deaths in western Kentucky  (Link)
•  Two more in Ky. die of H1N1 virus (Link)
•  MA: confirmation of another death, 1st this autumn  (Link)
•  MI: Lansing health spokeperson caught the H1N1 flu (Link)
•  MN: 7th Flu Death Recorded in Minnesota (Link)
•  MO: district cutting school nurse jobs during pandemic  (Link)
•  NM: 2 deaths (Link)
•  NY: Backstreet Boys member sick w/ H1N1 flu (Link)
•  NY times: America Takes on Swine Flu (Link)
•  OH: Columbus hockey player’s account of 4 days of sickness  (Link)
•  OH: Catholic elementary school shuts for week due to illnesses (Link)
•  OK: state activates toll-free hotline for H1N1 queries (Link)
•  TN: Memphis hospital reports 3rd confirmed child death (Link)
•  TX: Dallas records two more deaths, now 7  (Link)
•  TX: vaccine arrives in Dallas (Link)
•  WV: school where 14 yr old died has parents requesting closure (Link)
•  WV: Jackson County reports H1N1 absences from schools (Link)
•  WY: state of Wyoming reports 1/5 of total cases in past week (Link)