Earlier this month, President Barack Obama urged Americans to get vaccinated against the H1N1 “Swine Flu” virus when the new vaccine becomes available in October. The president also said he and his wife “will stand in line like everybody else” so high risk groups—young people, health workers, pregnant women and those with underlying health problems—would have immediate access.

This is an admirable gesture, but as a public health measure it does more harm than good. It fails to convey the urgency required for a successful mass vaccination. Now is the time for Mr. Obama to send a clear message about why his administration has spent billions to ensure that as many Americans as possible are protected against this virus. There’s little reason to worry that strong words will incite a public panic. On the contrary, a bigger concern is that many Americans are skeptical that the risks of H1N1 are serious, and that getting vaccinated is worth the effort.

But the case for getting vaccinated is straightforward: Swine Flu may not be more lethal than ordinary seasonal flu, but it is unusually virulent and therefore likely to be more widespread. It is undoubtedly dangerous and it has already killed at least 3,200 people world-wide. It is likely to hit hard starting this fall. In addition to the human toll, a massive outbreak would also affect families, schools, governments and businesses that would find their normal routines disrupted as they deal with containing an outbreak. Hospitals, particularly those in underserved areas, could be overwhelmed by a surge in demand for emergency services. A small number of people may have adverse reactions to vaccinations, but the benefits of not having a mass outbreak outweigh the risks.

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