Tanta Fever Hospital was detained and released Tanta and Mahala viruses and viruses Mansoura and Minshawi year, 13 new cases suspected of contracting the disease of swine flu, including people coming from Saudi Arabia and children with symptoms similar to symptoms of the disease on them. ….On the other hand, held the Tanta Fever Hospital and Mahala 7 new cases of suspected bird flu patients, which were held both Amira Abdel Wahab (60) housewife from the dipper Tanta, Muhammad Ashraf (two and a half) from the Alqrcy Tanta, Mohamed Sobhy Mohammed Al-Attar (22 years), the hope of a farm village Snaded Center Tanta and Hassan Abdel Wahab Mohammed (40 years) workers from Mahalla Samanoud by viruses and Salwa Said Abdel-Rahman (30 years), a housewife from the village center Alomboutin Santah by viruses, and Tanta Mahmoud Jaber shepherd (15 years) students from the locality of the late village center Tanta Tanta by viruses and sentenced Mousa Mohammed Abu Musa (45 years) housewife from the village of Kom Qotour by viruses on the status of the camp

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•  New Zealand woman seriously ill with H1N1 in Greece (Link)

•  2nd man, 34, confirmed dead from H1N1, lung hemorrhage (Link)

•  Deaths in Karnataka rise by 3 to 86 (Link)
•  New Delhi reports 118 ‘fresh cases’ (Link)
•  32nd cases in Jammu-Kashmir (Link)
•  Chandigarh/ Rajpura confirms H1N1 there (Link)
•  Death toll now officially 286 (Link)
•  Lucknow, child,5, sick, parents spent 8 hrs and went to 3 hospitals for a ventilator (Link)
•  Rajkot has 2 suspect cases, 1 death unconfirmed in Jamnagar (Link)\
•  Pune raises fines for spitting from 25 rupees to 1000 Rps, effective Sunday (Link)

•  No new deaths, 135 new ILI cases (Link)

•  Confirmation of H1N1 case in capital Islamabad, another suspected (Link)

South Africa
•  The nation announces an increase of 12 more deaths (Link)
•  Mother and baby passed on, family angry (Link)

United Kingdom
•  Wales sees surge as sign of ‘second wave’ (Link)
•  Scots consider special unit purchase of ECMOs as one critical goes to Leicester (Link)
•  UK swine flu vaccine approved (Link)
•  Scots family speaks out after death of healthy family member (Link)
•  Consultants back plea for children to take part in swine flu tests (Link)

United States
•  US says first swine flu vaccine to arrive Oct. 5 (Link)
•  AL: Dale County woman’s death attributed to H1N1 flu (Link)
•  CA: Mater Dei Junior dies of “common flu” – 10% of Grossmont HS out sick (Link)
•  CA: Two Chico State UC Students Recover from H1N1 Flu (Link)
•  CA: Some APU students believed to have swine flu (Link)
•  CA: LA hospital had to close ER since Sept. 18 for inadequate staffing (Link)
•  CO: Summit student’s flu death touches close to home (Link)
•  FL: two more deaths recorded in Hillsborough (Link)
•  IA: West Des Moines schools have confirmed case of H1N1 (Link)
•  ID: Swine flu concerns in Shelley schools  (Link)
•  IL: Carterville student may have H1N1 flu  (Link)
•  KY: LIberty School Closed til Tuesday (Link)
•  LA: 2 more deaths in New Orleans metro area, 1 Lafayette this week, 11 total now (Link)
•  MD: Maryland confirms 1st pediatric death of H1N1 (Link)
•  MI: Novi High School student diagnosed with H1N1, school remains open (Link)
•  MO: Influenza Among Factors Listed on Hazelwood Student’s Death Certificate  (Link)
•  NC reports active flu season  (Link)
•  NC: confirmation of first death since spring (Link)
•  PA: Local School Reports Two Cases Of Swine Flu (Link)
•  SD: H1N1 Confirmed In SF Catholic School System (Link)
•  TN: Memphis 12 yr old special edu girl died from H1N1 (Link)
•  TX: Houston / Harris County jail inmate dies of H1N1 (Link)
•  TX: Flu forces shutdown of Collin County school  (Link)
•  VA: Almost 80 students per day sick at Stuarts Draft Middle & HS  (Link)
•  VA: Virginia Officials Report H1N1-associated Death  (Link)
•  WA: Two cases of H1N1 confirmed at Central Washington University (Link)

•  Vietnam confirms 11th death in 30 yr old man HCM city (Link)
•  Deaths now at 14, 3 died yesterday, including an Australian (Link)
•  Local Red Cross joins national H2P program to prep for H1N1 & H5N1 (Link)

General / World News 
•  Global deaths now over 4,000, rise of 12% in one week (Link)
•  WHO: officially there have been 3917 deaths til 19th/sept, up 12% in a week (Link)