Pro-Med have issued a retraction, but it merely repeats the Egyptian Health Minister’s denial, which took place last night.,F2400_P1001_PUB_MAIL_ID:1000,79052


•  Swine flu found in Manitoba hogs (Link)

•  Patriotism, flu prevention first lessons in new semester (Link)
•  Chinese mainland A/H1N1 flu cases rise to nearly 4,000 (Link)
•  Hong Kong sees 5 A/H1N1 flu death cases in 4 days (Link)

•  Another death takes swine flu toll to 101 (Link)
•  Details to stop because private hospitals fear negative publicity (Link)
•  Flu pandemic claims four more lives, toll climbs to 105 (Link)

•  Iran reports second swine flu death (Link)

•  26-year-old man with no previous medical condition dies from Swine Flu complications (Link)

•  Macao reports 1st A/H1N1 death (Link)

New Guinea
•  Common flu mystery killer in Papua New Guinea’s Morobe Province (Link)

South Africa
•  Swine flu death toll continues to climb (Link)

South Korea
•  S. Korea reports 4th death from Influenza A (Link)

•  Health Ministry confirms 11 new deaths from A(H1N1) virus (Link)

United Arab Emirates
•  Four die from swine flu (Link)

United Kingdom
•  3rd death in Yorkshire (Link)
•  England – Weekly pandemic flu media update (Link)
•  Third patient with swine flu dies in region [Yorkshire] (Link)

United States
•  NM: H1N1 Claims Life Of Airport Worker (Link)
•  TX: Edna HS cancels events over flu (Link)
•  Iowa: Confirmed Case Of H1N1 At Augustana (Link)
•  FL: Swine Flu Sends Young Mom Into Coma; Baby Doing Well (Link)
•  The iPhone Swine Flu App (Link)
•  Wichita schools confirm three more cases of H1N1 flu (Link)
•  University of Kansas students isolated by the flu (Link)
•  Kentucky officials seeing more Swine Flu (Link)
•  OK: Davis middle school student diagnosed with H1N1 (Link)
•  Miss: 145 flu cases at Clinton schools (Link)
•  TX: Nearly Half Of Local Middle School’s Students Out Sick Tuesday (Link)
•  NC university carries on amid swine flu outbreak (Link)
•  MN: First case of H1N1 at MSUM (Link)
•  VA: H1N1 Cases at UVa Are Growing, But Officials Aren’t Worried About Football Game (Link
•  GA: Area flu cases are up, but mild (Link)
•  CA: Palm Springs Homeowner Dies, H1N1-related (Link)
•  MO: Mizzou copes with likely swine flu cases  (Link)
•  OK: Face masks fly off shelves (Link)
•  TN: Knoxville – Alcoa City Schools closed due to flu (Link)
•  NE: OPS Confirms Higher Flu Rate, But No H1N1 Virus (Link)
•  IL: Loyola makes flu shots mandatory for employees (Link)
•  Swine Flu Vaccine Will Be Free For Students (Link)
•  TN: Swine flu claims life of Davidson County child (Link)
•  Mandatory Swine Flu vaccination for U.S. military (Link)
•  PA: U of Pittsburgh confirms 1st case of swine flu (Link)
•  PA: Over 100 Students Sick Today In Pittsburgh-Area District (Link)
•  TN: Nashville Child Dies From H1N1 Virus (Link)
•  TN: Schools test device that could stop H1N1 (Link)
•  Ind: Inmate at Elkhart County possible H1N1 (Link)
•  OH: Clusters of flu in colleges (Link)
•  Ca: San Diego: 3 more confirmed deaths from H1N1 (Link)
•  Alabama: 11 year old deceased confirmed had swine flu (Link)

•  Health Ministry Urges Tighter Supervision Of A/H1N1 Flu (Link)

•  WHO expert says no doubt H1N1 vaccines will work (Link)

•  Pandemic flu: from the front lines (Link)

•  Recombinomics: Widespread Tamiflu Resistance in Texas? (Link)
•  Effect Measure: Ferreting out how swine flu crowds out seasonal flu (Link)
•  Effect Measure: How the flu pandemic looks to us at this point(Link)