As of July 31st, the World Health Organization reports 1154 deaths due to the H1N1 virus among a global total of 162,380 cases, for an overall mortality rate of 0.71%. Consequently the H1N1 death rate has increased more than 60% after holding steady at about 0.44% since mid-June. The current H1N1 death rate also surpasses the death rate from early June (0.66%). Among the tabulated deaths, 87% (1008) have occurred in North and South America.


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Pig flu cleared six regencies in Kalsel

By editorial staff of 10/08/2009 @ 03:29

Banjarmasin: the Spreading of the virus H1N1 in South Kalimantan currently attacked six regencies in this territory. Several schools were forced to be given a holiday. Kesehatan South Kalimantan Section Head, Rosihan Adhani, on Sunday (9/8), said, the spreading of the virus H1N1 continued to take place and strike six regencies in South Kalimantan covered the Barito Kuala Regency, Banjar, Hulu Sungai Selatan, Hulu Sungai Utara, Kota Banjarmasin, and the Banjarbaru City.

“The number of sufferers of pig flu continued to improve together with improved also the flu illness and ISPA in the community during the dry season as is now the case,” he said. Up to now, the South Kalimantan health service recorded had 37 sufferers was stated positive suffered pig flu and had hundreds of students as well as the student as suspect.

Dinas Kesehatan telah mengimbau kepada pengelola sekolah dan pondok pesantren yang tertular flu untuk meliburkan kegiatan belajar mengajar. Terakhir, Dinas Pendidikan Kabupaten Barito Kuala, terpaksa meliburkan sembilan sekolah mulai dari SD, SMP, dan SMU di sana menyusul banyaknya pelajar terserang flu berat.

Asyari, Kepala Dinas Kesehatan Barito Kuala, mengatakan, pihaknya akan melakukan sterilisasi dan pengobatan massal terhadap sekolah dan pelajar yang tertular flu di wilayahnya. Pemerintah daerah dan sejumlah organisasi mulai membagikan masker kepada masyarakat.Denny Saputra/MI

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• Bird Flu Patient in a Coma

August 10, 2009

Yogyakarta:   The condition for a bird flu suspect patient with the initials AMM (29) who was treated in the Pusat Public Hospital (RSUP) Dr Sardjito Yogyakarta is critical because she is experiencing respiratory failure.  

“We continue to monitor the development of the patient who currently uses the ventilator as a respiratory aid,” said the Division Head of Humas RSUP Dr Sardjito Yogyakarta, Trisno Heru Nugroho, in Yogyakarta on Monday.  

According to him, the female patient was reconciled to RSUP Dr Sardjito on August 6 2009 from RS PKU Muhammadiyah Bantul in a condition that was not good.  At this time, he said, the patient, who is in a coma, was placed in the special ward that handles the swine flu and bird flu sufferers.

“We received information that before she was treated in RS PKU Muhammadiyah Bantul, AMM had contact with poultry during a party in the Gunungkidul Regency,” he said. “Apart from AMM,” he said, “RSUP Dr Sardjito Yogyakarta also treated a bird flu suspect patient with the initials RR (12) and two swine flu suspect patients.  The condition for RR was far better compared to AMM,” he said.

Heru regretted that she did not have a single family member who guarded AMM while she was undergoing intensive treatment in RSUP Dr Sardjito Yogyakarta.

“After being reconciled here (RSUP Dr Sardjito), the person who brought AMM only gave a visiting card and a mobile phone number.  We tried repeatedly to contact this telephone number, but it was in fact inactive,” he said.

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