3 August 2009
by Jared Reed

Australian researchers have reported what they say is the first evidence of resistance to zanamivir (Relenza) in seasonal influenza A (H1N1) strains.

Writing in the Journal of Virology, researchers from the Melbourne-based WHO Collaborating Centre for Influenza say their analysis of 391 samples of H1N1 influenza virus from the region found that nine (2.3%) had a markedly reduced zanamivir susceptibility.

The H1N1 samples were collected from patients who were not being treated with the drug, and the resistance appeared to be conferred by a previously undescribed neuraminidase mutation known as Q136K.


“The recent spread of oseltamivir-resistant A(H1N1) viruses … has shown that neuraminidase resistant viruses can spread rapidly and circulate widely in the global community,” they warn.

And given that the neuraminidase resistance mutations have no apparent impact on viral fitness, “there is concern that one or both of the mutations may occur in highly pathogenic avian influenza A(H5N1) viruses thereby reducing the effectiveness of neuraminidase inhibitor treatment of infected patients,” they say.




Indonesia: 5 subdistricts found H1N1
Five subdistricts Terindikasi was affected by the Spreading of Flu of A-H1N1By editorial staff of 03/08/2009 @ 03:24

YOGYAKARTAb >: totalling five subdistricts in the Yogyakarta City terindikasi was affected by the spreading of the flu virus of A-H1N1 or pig flu was based on results surveilans that was carried out by the Kesehatan Service of the Yogyakarta City. “To the end of July, has had five subdistricts that terindikasi was affected by the virus of A-H1N1, that is Pringgokusuman, Wirobrajan, Kraton, Mantrijeron and Umbulharjo,” said District Surveilance Officer, Rubani, in Yogyakarta, on Monday (3/8). According to him, in five subdistricts was gotten by eight people who were monitored by the condition for his health by the team surveilans because of carrying out contact with “suspect” pig flu or had been in the area that was stated by KLB (the extraordinary condition) pig flu.

Several people who were monitored by the condition for his health including being the driver from the tour travel agency in Bali. Nevertheless, continued Rubani, the community had the awareness that was good about the illness of pig flu so as if experiencing the sign of influenza it was hoped immediately reported to the official of the health. “Finally, the patient who was stated suspect pig flu was to come from Muja Muju Umbulharjo and to have been treated in Sardjito for 14 days but now has recovered,” he said. In the meantime, the Head of the Humas RS Sardjito Division, Trisno Heru Nugroho, said, there were three patients suspect pig flu that was treated in isolation space that is S (37), M. (29) and DA (28). “M. and DA entered on Sunday (2/8),” he said.

M., continued Heru, had the story had carried out the trip overseas, that is from America Serikat-Germany-Singapore and landed in Adi Sutjipto, while DA just carried out the trip to Malaysia. “On Sunday, there was a resident Cekoslovakia that experienced the sign similar to pig flu but he forced came home because of wanting to continue the trip to Bali,” he said. Heru said, the total patient suspect pig flu that underwent the maintenance in RS Sardjito was 30 people, nine were among them stated positive but has recovered. At this time, continued Heru, RS Sardjito had the implement for the inspection of pig flu so as results will be it was known faster, that is two days. (Antara)

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Egypt: 9 new cases infected with H1N1
9 new cases infected with H1N1
The total number of cases to 274 cases
“Health,” announced the discovery of 9 new cases infected with the “pigs”
Ministry of Health announced Saturday the discovery of 9 new cases infected with “The 1 H 1” universally known as the swine flu, bringing the total cases in Egypt since the discovery of the disease so far, 274 cases.”The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health for Preventive Affairs, Dr. Amr Kandil, among the cases, 8 cases of Egyptians, including 5 cases from Saudi Arabia and Mkhalttin two positive cases were detected before, and the case not linked to any cases of a positive precedent.

He added that among these was the case of Saudi nationality coming from Saudi Arabia, where he was booking all the cases in hospitals for proper treatment of the drug “Tamiflu”, and all of their stable.

He explained that Dr. Amr Kandil Total cases recovered from the disease so far hit 187 and the status of the case and one death, and the rest of the cases and the case of the 86 still receiving treatment in hospitals and state of health of all stable.

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