Simeon Bennett

July 22, 2009

CSL, the only maker of flu vaccines in the southern hemisphere, plans to start testing its experimental swine flu vaccine today in Adelaide.

CSL will test the shot in 240 people, aged 18 to 64, over the next seven weeks in preparation for filling orders from Australia, the US and Singapore.

The World Health Organisation and CSL’s larger rivals, including Sanofi-Aventis, will be watching the test to determine how much antigen – the key substance in vaccines – is needed to prevent people from getting infected. The results will help makers to determine how many shots can be produced and how many people vaccinated.

“The world will be watching to see the immunogenicity results of this first clinical trial,” Marie-Paule Kieny, director of the WHO’s initiative for vaccine research, said.

“It is likely to be indicative of how the other vaccine candidates will perform.”

There was no commercial advantage to being the first maker to start human trials because most manufacturers already have orders to supply vaccines to governments, said David Low, a health-care analyst at Deutsche Bank in Sydney. “Being first is probably more of a PR coup,” he said.



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