Already 804 cases of Flu of A H1N1 in Malaysia

By editorial staff of 15/07/2009 @ 00:02

Kuala Lumpur – the Malaysian Government justified the existence 32 cases H1N1 or A influenza just so as the total already 804 people were affected by the plague of the illness.

Kesihatan Malaysia Liow Tiong Lai Minister revealed 32 new cases, 20 were the case of the import whereas 12 other cases were resulting from the local spread, to be like this the Malaysian mass media, on Wednesday.

From 804 cases H1N1, totalling 555 cases import whereas 249 cases still are the local spread, and up to now do not yet have the report on the patient died. Up to now, the number of patients H1N1 that recovered 696 people, 31 people more were still being treated in the hospital and 77 people treated the road or in the house, Liow Tiong Lai words. /Antara

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