The death of a child in the «Fayyoum» After entering «fever» on suspicion b «avian flu 8 and detention in Menya, Damietta

Mohammad Farghali, Theresa Kamal Nasser reagent 7-12-2009

The Directorate of Health in Fayoum, yesterday, the death of Karim Habashi Abdaltwab «6 years» from the village of Nohor Marine Center Snurs, after entering the hospital for fever in a suspected symptoms of avian flu, “said Dr Hussein Sophie Abutaleb, Under-Secretary, Ministry of Health to preserve, the Fayoum General Hospital referred to «fever» after suffering from shortness of breath, severe Zarkan Parties, following the dismissal of 15 minutes of the doctors could not succor after being completely comatose.

In Minya, fever hospital, detained 6 suspected cases of bird flu, including 5 children, also held strong General Hospital Minya police named Mohamed Azhari Abdalmaz «21 years» Obokerkas Center, on suspicion of being infected with swine flu, and found that the place of work at Cairo airport.  The hospital admitted DAMIETTA detained two suspected SARS symptoms similar to bird flu.

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Egypt: 3 brothers suspect H5N1
3 detained in Port Said brothers on suspicion of bird flu
2009 – 16:18 Monday, July 13, 2009 – 16:18Port Said hospital fevers detained three brothers from one family, after showing symptoms of suspected bird flu was found during the medical examination of each of the Mohammed Atef, aged one year and Ahmed, 13, and Mahmoud, 15 years, who were accompanied by their father Atef Abdul Hamid, they are of very high temperature and pain in bones, sore throat and lack of breathing.

The hospital admitted Tanta detained two new cases of suspected infected with avian flu symptoms after an outbreak of the disease was confined to the places allocated to it and take a blood sample and swab hours and sent to central laboratories to ascertain the extent of illness or not.

Rehab was the detention of Mr. Mohamed Ali Ahmed, 11, a pupil from the village of dead marine Habish and Zeinab Shawki decorated, 3 years, from the village of Mit Hashim Smonod Center, was given the drug Tamiflu until Rord result of their own samples and indicate the extent of illness or not.

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Egypt reports five more cases of A/H1N1 flu  2009-07-13 03:19:35CAIRO, July 12 (Xinhua) — Egypt reported five more cases of influenza A/H1N1 on Sunday, bringing the total number of the flu in the populous country to 97, according to the Ministry of Health.

The first case was a 27-year-old Indian man who just came from South Africa, the second was a six-year-old Egyptian boy who contacted other cases, and the third was a 14-year-old Egyptian, Health Ministry spokesman Abdel Rahman Shahine said in a statement.

The fourth case was a British engineer (59) who worked in Cairo and the fifth was an Egyptian woman (27) who returned from London recently, said the spokesman.

The health condition of the new cases is stable after proper treatment, said Shahine, adding that about 79 of the country’s total 97 cases have recovered.

Egypt reported its first A/H1N1 flu case on June 2, a 12-year-old Egyptian-American girl coming from the United States via the Netherlands.

Egypt, the most populous Arab country hit hard by the fatal bird flu in 2006, decided in late April to cull all pigs in the country to stem the highly infectious flu A/H1N1.

So far the new flu virus has caused more than 100,000 laboratory-confirmed infections in some 136 countries and regions, with 440 deaths, according to latest figures provided by the World Health Organization, which on June 11 formally announced the first pandemic in the 21st century.

Indonesia: 13 Dutch students suspect H1N
13 Dutch students were expected by Dikarantina Pig FluBy editorial staff of 13/07/2009 @ 00:49

The MUSSEL: totalling 13 students from the Netherlands dikarantina in Maumere, the Capital of the Sikka Regency, East Nusa Tenggara, because of being suspected of contracting the virus of A H1N1 or pig flu.

One person between the student named the jury, 16, was isolated in special space since Saturday (11/7) because of showing the sign of pig flu of the beginning that is hot high and the headache. Director Rumah Sakit (RS) TC Hillers Maumere, Dr Asep Purnama said, 13 students came to Sikka on Tuesday (7/7) to visit the Nativikasi Maumere Foundation that had received help of the fund from the student in the Netherlands.

“After four days was in Maumere,Yuri experienced the high fever and the headache.” At that point they were in the Lela Subdistrict, he said when being contacted in Maumere, on Monday (13/7).

Initially, according to him, the jury was treated in RS Lela before being moved by his maintenance to RS TC Hillers. He was isolated in maintenance space of the Sun whereas his friends were forbidden to leave the room of their place dikarantina. For the quarantine period, the medical official will examine their blood to confirm terjangkit pig flu or not. His article, the area from this student already terjangkit pig flu/noodles

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