I’d like to remind ya’ll about Peter’s novel, American Fever. I’ve just finished the first installments, and I eagerly await the rest.

With the H1N1 pandemic in full swing, H5N1 has taken a backseat, and easily forgotten about. I’ll admit, for a brief time, bird flu did not exist in my mind. How could it?  A pandemic was declared and it wasn’t bird flu. My focus was on tracking swine flu.

Peter’s novel, has placed the H5N1 virus front and center, least we ever forget. This deadly virus hasn’t went anywhere and is still gaining ground everyday. Who’s to say that when H1N1 settles into the norm of flu viruses, bird flu will finally gain the ability to sustain H2H2H and go pandemic?

After reading the first 4 entries, I could not help but want to make a prep! But alas, at this time of night stores are closed.  Peter has a very clear picture of this virus; not at all impossible to imagine what he depicts could happen. Hey, we’re living in the midst of a pandemic. Did you ever think you’d wake up one morning to this? I certainly didn’t and it freaked me right out!

One day, we’ll wake up, and H5N1 will be on the verg of being declared a pandemic. It’ll happen. If your not going to prepare for any kind of disaster, what are you going to prepare for?

I encourage you to check out Peter’s pandemic flu blog novel, American Fever.  And when your done, make a prep run!

Here’s to some  good reading~