24 additions of the Case Just were Positive influenza of A H1N1
By editorial staff of 09/07/2009 @ 23:08

Up until today, 9/7/2009, Indonesia recorded 52 positive cases of influenza of A H1N1, consisted 35 men, 16 women and 1 person without information. In addition the case totalling 24 people, consisted of 15 men and 9 women. That was sent by Menkes, Dr. Dr. Siti Fadilah Supari, Sp.JP (K) to the reporters in the office Department of Health Jakarta, (9/7).

Menkes that was accompanied by the Director General P2PL Department of Health Prof. Dr. Tjandra Yoga Aditama, Sp.P. (K), the Head of the Body of Litbangkes Department of Health, Prof. Dr. Agus Purwadianto, SH, and was guided by the Head of the Centre of Publik Communication Dr. Lily S. Sulistyowati stated, they were 3 foreign citizens and 21 of WNI. Dari the number, 14 people among them had the story of the trip overseas that is Malaysia, Australia, America, Thailand, China and Singapore, 10 other people tertular in Indonesia.

According to Menkes, tren or the trend of the illness of pig flu like flu generally that is could recover personally. Influenza of A H1N1 was spread through direct contact from humankind to humankind through the cough, sneezed or objects that had been touching with the sufferer. The community was appealed to in order to continue to be on the alert and to always make the pattern of the clean and healthy life accustomed to among them washing the hands with soap.

Carried out cough ethics and sneezed that was true. If being sick with the sign of influenza to put on the mask and not beraktifitas and went to the doctor if being sick his flu did not improve, said Dr. Siti Fadilah Supari. Menkes added, to prevent the spreading of pig flu in Indonesia preparedness efforts continued to be undertaken that is: the strengthening of the Kesehatan Office of the Port (thermal scanner and Health Alert Card obligatory was filled up); the RS provisions reconciliation; the provisions of the logistics; the strengthening of the tracing of contact; the strengthening surveilans ILI; the strengthening of the laboratory, communication, the edication and information and followed International Health Regulations.

Menkes stated the addition of the case just was: Bb (L, 44 th), and De (P, 32 th), RS Hasan Sadikin Bandung, MC (L, 25 th), RS Sanglah, Denpasar, there was the story to Australia, AA (L, 14 th), RS PI SS, there was the story to Malaysia, TS (P, 32 th), GI (L, 11 th), To (L, 12 th), SA (P, 8 th), RS PI SS, SR (L, 19 th), RS PI SS, there was the story to Australia, BC (P, 17 th), RS PI SS, there was the story to America, AR (P, 19 th), RS PI SS, there was the story to Malaysia, LM (P, 26, th) RS PI SS, there was the story to Malaysia, So (P, 34 th), RSPAD Gatot Subroto, AR (L, 25 th) and dB (P, 26, th), RS Siloam, Kebun Jeruk, Vi (L, 21 th), RS PI SS, there was the story to Thailand,, DS (L, 13 th), RS PI SS, there was the story to ShangHai, He (L, 31 th), RS PI SS, Transit Qatar, SingaporeFG (L, 41 th), RS Kanujoso Djati, Balikpapan, Ro (L, 26 th), RS Kanujoso Djati Balikpapan, Singaporean transit, El (P, 7 th), Ar (L, 14 th), and DA (L, 7 th), the three of them were treated in RS H. Adam Malik, there was the story to Malaysia, TP (L, 18 th), RSPAD Gatot Subroto, from America. /the Department of Health

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Indonesia: U.S. citizen positive for H1N1
WN United States Positive H1N1By editorial staff of 09/07/2009 @ 23:16

Balikpapan – A United States citizen positive was affected by flu of A-H1N1. Therefore, Rowan Hepburn (26) still must be isolated in the Daerah Kanujoso Djatiwibowo Public Hospital, Kota Balikpapan, East Kalimantan, despite the condition for his health it was said improved. Director RSUD Syafak Hanung said that when being contacted from the Samarinda City, on Thursday night (9/7). Results of the Balitbangkes test in Jakarta were just accepted by RSUD tonight and Rowan Hepburn was stated positive.

The “patient must be still being isolated and treated like when he entered here from last Monday.” For medical treatment, we continue to will give tamiflu, said Syafak. According to Syafak, the condition for the health of the patient in fact improved than during the first time being treated. The patient’s body heat that was born in South Africa has been normal namely 36-37 Celcius levels. Have a headache, the cough, and pi lek that was suffered by him also has been lost.

“We will take swab (the example” of the “throat liquid and the nose) on Friday morning and will send him again to Balitbangkes,” said Syafak. That aimed at getting results of the latest test related the condition for the health of the newest patient. Results of the test that just was received on Thursday night were related to the condition for the patient last Tuesday. “Results” of the “test during two other patients namely Sadiana (30) and Karina (8) that was isolated in his house in the Manggar District was not yet known by us,” he said. The two residents continued to be asked to not go out of the house until results of the test stated the negative. Both of them were also required to put on the mask in the house. The condition for their health also continued to be monitored.

The condition for an other patient who was expected by flu of A-H1N1 in the Samarinda City it was reported improved. The temperature of the man’s body had the initials K (30) that was isolated in RSUD Abdoel Wahab Sjahranie was normal that is revolving 36-37 Celcius levels. The Norwegian citizen no longer complains about the headache, the cough, and pilek. The head of the Pemberantasan Field of the Illness of Dinas Kesehatan East Kalimantan Jurnanto said, the patient was expected by flu of A-H1N1 that his condition improved indeed still could not be permitted to go on a trip. The standard of his treatment was like this so that the spread if the positive patient was affected could be anticipated, he said. Ambrosius HartoKompas.com

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Egypt: 2 Suspected of Bird Flu (H5N1) in Menya
Thursday, July 9, 2009 – 12:56
Egypt: 2 Suspected of Bird Flu (H5N1) in Menya
The detention of two suspected bird fluDetained hospital fevers Menya Soukra Mohammed Khidr (42 years), and Sarah Salih Jaber (9 years) from the village of Samalut Gulwsna Center, following up on injured temperature, where the work of the hospital first aid, a sample was taken and sent to labs central Cairo.

Dr. Osama Tuhami emphasized the fight against avian influenza Director that there was an awareness of citizens and doctors at health units, so the numbers have decreased, which was received at the hospital every day.

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