* New flu virus not connected to H1N1 outbreak

* Hogs transmitted virus to workers

SASKATOON, Saskatchewan, July 7 (Reuters) – Two farm workers in Western Canada have become infected with a new flu virus, health officials said on Tuesday, stressing the strain was not related to the H1N1 pandemic.The two workers, both employees at a hog barn operation in the province of Saskatchewan, have fully recovered. A third case is under investigation.


The new virus contains genes from a seasonal human H1N1 flu strain and a flu virus common in the swine population called triple reassortant H3N2, said Dr. Greg Douglas, Saskatchewan’s chief veterinary officer.

The virus is not connected to the H1N1 strain, sometimes referred to as swine flu, that has killed more than 400 people worldwide. That strain is believed to have begun in Mexico and has been labeled a pandemic by the World Health Organization.

There are no signs of increased illness in the hog herd, Douglas added.



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