The National Government despite the alarming figures, refused to declare a national health emergency.
So far 16 provinces including  Buenos Aires took their own healthcare decisions individually, to extend the winter break to about a month.


So far, 38 were killed by H1N1 virus, and world agencies believe the number of deaths is unusually large considering  the total number of  infections (1,587).
It is believed that the actual number of  infections reaches 15,000 with 43 deaths.
The deceased by province are:
Province of  Buenos Aires : 29
Buenos Aires City: 6
Santa Fe: 5
Corrientes: 2
Misiones: 1
… … … … … … ….
Total: 43

These figures suggest the official information does not entirely reflect the actual situation of the pandemic in the country.

All this leads to misinformation as well as fear in most of the population, while some are not aware of the real situation and consider it common seasonal flu.

Unfortunately, some authorities reacted a little late regarding preventive measures, declaring that the  strain of H1N1 virus circulating in our country was a “weakened” version of the illness, while figures seem to indicate it is a very aggressive and dangerous strain.

Health centers, collapsed, and when a patient arrived with flu symptoms, was sent him home  and told to return only if  48 hours later the symptoms persisted. Despite the cold, parents had to take their children with a fever of 38 °C or more out in the cold and wait in a crowded hospital lobby for long hours among hundreds of patients affected by all kind of diseases. This when the WHO  said treatment with antiviral drugs such as, Tamiflu is most effective within the first 48 hours of infection.

Meanwhile, Chief of Cabinet Sergio Massa, said that from now on health authorities will change their current procedures and provide treatment right away to every patient suspected of being infected.


The infectologist was concerned over the increase in cases of pneumonia treated at his hospital, and warned of the possibility that the H1N1 virus  mixed with that of seasonal influenza.

“The virus may have mutated, and we do not know it. Small genetic changes can make it more aggressive.”

According to the doctor, the seriousness of swine flu, is that, unlike the seasonal version which mainly affecting young children and the elderly,  this new disease attacks with particular virulence  young adults, and develops unusually quickly.


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