Monday, June 29, 2009 – 11:53
Detained hospital fevers Minya 3 brothers are Reza Mohammed Hassanein (5 years) and Kareem Mohamed Hassanein (two years), and any sister (9 years) from the village or the status of Mallawi Qamas for suspected bird flu patients.

The three brothers were shortness of breath, high temperature, leading to their detention in the hospital and the work of first aid and taking a sample to be sent to central laboratories to ensure that the result of analysis.

States that the hospital received on Sunday, 6 cases, including 4 children, of whom samples were taken to ensure that the result of the sample, which confirmed Dr. Osama Tuhami, director of the hospital to receive the flu every day, many of the cases, however, that all results are negative

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Indonesia: all aircraft passengers to get masks

The mask for pendatang

By editorial staff of 29/06/2009 @ 22:57

The Indonesian government will distribute the mask to all the aircraft passenger from the country that it was known was collided with H1N1 or pig flu. The government also obliged each aircraft passenger and the ship from overseas to fill up the health card. These efforts were carried out to stem spread him the virus H1N1 in Indonesia, after the influenza patient H1N1 that came from overseas to improve to eight people.

One of the important decisions of results of the interdepartmental co-ordination of the meeting related today was, more increased the supervision procedure in all the international airports. The government stressed this, because eight patients who were known were infected by the virus H1N1, was ascertained tertular overseas. Health Minister Siti Fadilah Supari said, one of the steps in his prevention was to distribute the mask to aircraft passengers from the country that was collided with by the virus of pig flu. Was not explained when the mask will be distributed in each international airport. The official of the Department of the Health said, technical the implementation of these efforts will be discussed in the other opportunity. Apart from distributing the mask, the government according to Transport Minister Menteri Perhubungan Jusman Sjafii Djamal, also will tighten the supervision in the airport and the international port.

Each passenger from overseas his plan will be obliged to fill up the health card. The official in all the international airports also will tighten the use of the implement pemindai hot. Up until last Sunday, the number of influenza patients of A H1N1 or pig flu in Indonesia that has been it was confirmed positive totalling eight people, four among them the foreign citizen and Indonesian citizen who just came from the country to be collided with by this virus. /BBC

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Nepal: 3 family members positive for H1N1
Nepal Confirmation of the Case of Pertamanya Pig FluBy editorial staff of 30/06/2009 @ 00:32

Kathmandu – Nepal, on Monday, confirmed the case of the flu virus H1N1 first him, in three members of a family that was again new from the USA, Kementerian of the Health of the Himalaya country said. The three people — one man was 44 years old, his wife who was 38 years old and their male child, who was eight years old — arrived in Nepal last week from Washington, their place finished delepan the month, said Raj Kumar Mahato, an epidemiology expert in the Pelayanan Kesehatan Service of the Government.

“We had several suspicions when they arrived in the airport.” After the inspection as necessary they evidently positive H1N1, Mahato said to Reuters. “All three people received the maintenance that was necessary in an isolation space in a hospital in Kathmandu,” he said without giving information was more detailed. The government said they made an effort to find details about the route of the family’s transit before arriving in Nepal. (Antara News/Reuters)

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