Detained 12 people suspected of having bird flu in the lake, Menya

Sunday, June 28, 2009 – 14:45

Shaaban, Hassan Fathy Abdel-Ghaffar
Damanhour hospital fevers were detained 6 people suspected of having bird flu, following the emergence of the disease with symptoms similar to a high temperature and pain in the bones and difficulty in breathing, sore throat.

Received the Major General, Magdi Abu Amar, director of security of the lake, a notice of the detention hospital fevers Damanhour Norhan Ibrahim Mustafa (8 months), Nazime Thaki Ahmed (21 years), the gift of Mostafa Ibrahim (3 years), Maha Hassan Mohamed (22 years), and Hind Fawzi Salim ( 16 years), and Randa Ramadan al-Banna (18 years), and suspected of having avian flu
And were immediately isolated and preventive cases in hospital after blood samples were taken for analysis, central labs in Cairo, with the extent of their disease.

Turning to the Committee of Veterinary Medicine, health and security forces to the homes of patients cleared, clearing houses and their neighbors, as well as contact them and take samples of domestic birds to be tested.

Also detained a hospital fevers Minia 6 cases, including 4 children with suspected infected birds after they Onfeloznra shortness of breath and high temperature, they Mnjp Kahol Abdul Hamid, 29 years old, from Alharawip Samalut Shahinaz charity and Fuad, Ittsa Samalut and Hassan Musa Hassan, the 41-year-presses Mallawi and dreams of Mohammed Issa, a two and a half, and her sister Fatima, 6 years, Basma, 18, from al-Hamdi Bmiloy samples were taken and sent to labs central Cairo to ensure that negative results with the auspices of the hospital cases and provide first aid until the receipt of the results of the samples.

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Indonesia: Bintan government asking students not to travel aborad
The government Bintan Appeal the Student Not the Holiday to Singapore, MalaysiaBy editorial staff of 29/06/2009 @ 00:08

Tanjung Pinang – Regional Government Bintan, Provinsi Kepulauan Riau (Kepri) appealed to the student to not go on holiday to Singapore and Malaysia so that was avoided from the A influenza virus (H1N1) that attacked the two neighbouring countries.

The representative Regent Bintan, Mastur Taher, on Sunday in Tanjung Pinang, said, better the student but also the Bintan community did not go on holiday to Singapore and Malaysia if not having the important need. “It would be better if avoided the deadly virus, and continued to maintain the cleanliness himself,” said Mastur.

He said, the Bintan Regency the danger entered the virus H1N1, because of sharing a border with Singapore and Malaysia. Because of that must be carried out by the precaution by the related agency, one of them by not going on holiday to this country. “If not having the very important need, better the holiday to Singapore and Malaysia was postponed before until the condition was stated safe,” he said.

Mastur stated, till now Bintan is still being safe from the virus H1N1. However prevention efforts of the entry of the virus H1N1.

Officially Kesehatan every day checked the temperature of tourists’s foreign body that went out/entered through the airport and the international port. However the Bintan Regency was still using manual equipment to check the temperature of tourists’s foreign body. The temperature inspection of the body could manually disrupt tourists’s foreign comfort. Therefore, said he, the Bintan Government with the Government of the Kepri Province put forward the request to the Department of the Health to provide sophisticated equipment so as not menggangu tourists’s foreign comfort.

“Sophisticated health equipment could also cultivate the community’s belief that Bintan was still being safe from the virus H1N1,” he said. He said, the exit/entered foreign tourists in Bintan was in the Lagoi tourist attraction. “Moreover, foreign tourists who came to Bintan also to be able to go through the Internasional Sri Bintan Pura Port, Kota Tanjung Pinang,” said Mastur. The virus H1N1 more worrying entered through the port was unofficial. Formally, the unofficial port was closed by the government, but it was suspected was still operating for the illegal activity.

The unofficial port was it was warned used for the sending and repatriation of the illegal Indonesian guest worker. The Bintan government and the related agency could not supervise the illegal Indonesian guest worker who returned to Indonesia through the port was unofficial in Bintan after working in Malaysia. “Was not possible for us to be able to supervise the illegal Indonesian guest worker who entered Bintan through the port was unofficial,” he said. (Antara)

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South Korea: Six more positive for H1N1
The sufferer Pig Flu in South Korea Tired 200 Orang(people)By editorial staff of 29/06/2009 @ 03:13

Seoul – six people more in South Korea (South Korea), on Sunday was found was infected by pig flu, so as the number of the total virus sufferer H1N1 that reached 200 people in the country, said the officials of the Ministry of the Health, on Sunday. Four sufferers including being the South Korean resident, including a child was four years old that just berpergian to the United States and a woman was 19 years old that just came back from the Philippines, was like this was quoted from Yonhap-OANA).

Both of them arrived in the country on Saturday (27/6), and the other sufferer arrived last Thursday, said the Ministry of the Health and South Korean Welfare. The officials of the same ministry said they were very tight monitored the patient of a South Korean woman being 19 years old that just visited Hong Kong and the Philippines and was it was suspected infected by pig flu.

The health side was carrying out the epidemiology test against the other patients to confirm the possibility was infected by this virus. The centres of the Control of the South Korean Illness said they did not yet receive the further report concerning the case of the pig flu, but did not explain the possibility of the virus could be contagious wider.

According to the Kesehatan Body data of the World (WHO), more than 50,000 people were it was confirmed infected by pig flu all over the world since the virus H1N1 was determined last April, 231 people were killed resulting from this deadly virus. It did not yet have the report on the sufferer of the virus of pig flu died in South Korea. (Antara/Reuters)

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Indonesia: Mask wearing for immigrants obligatory
The immigrant was from the Country collided with by Flu H1N1 Obligatory with MaskerBy editorial staff of 29/06/2009 @ 02:14

Jakarta- the Government will oblige all the immigrants rom the country to be collided with by the A influenza illness (H1N1) or pig flu put on the mask during minimal three days since the arrival to prevent the spread of the new influenza illness that the first time emerged in Mexico. The “person who came from the country to be collided with will be required to use the mask while three days because of the incubation period” of “this illness at least for three days,” said Health Minister Siti Fadilah Supari ended joined the meeting of the level co-ordination of the minister about the control of A flu (H1N1) in the Ministry of the Co-ordinator Welfare of the Jakarta People, on Monday.

Coordinating Minister for People’s Welfare Aburizal Bakrie that led the meeting of this co-ordination said, the government immediately allocated the fund to provide the operation mask for the immigrant from the country was collided with but did not yet mention when this mask began to be provided in the airport and the international port.
The “fund was gathered, not only for the provisions” of the “mask.” Some of the budgets of the Department of the Health and Komnas Flu Burung, he said ended led the meeting that also was attended by Transport Minister Jusman Sjafii Djamal.

Now concerning technical the implementation of the new policy, Director General Pengendalian of the Illness and Lingkungan Departemen Sanitation of the Tjandra Yoga Aditama Health said, technical his implementation will be discussed afterwards. The Harian chief executive of the Nasional Pengendalian Commission of Bird Flu and Preparedness faced the Influenza Pandemic (Komnas FBPI) Bayu Krisnamurthi also said that is carried out by the meeting of the internal co-ordination the continuation to appoint technical the implementation of new policies concerning control efforts of A influenza (H1N1). “This would just the meeting” of the “principle co-ordination, later will be close again internal in Kesra,” he said.

Till June 28 2009, the number of A influenza patients (H1N1) or new pig flu in Indonesia that has been confirmed positive through the laboratory inspection totalling eight people, four among them the foreign citizen and Indonesian citizen who just came from the country to be collided with by A flu (H1N1). Seven among them up to now still are treated in the hospital and one has among them recovered. “That was treated by his condition was good,” said the Health Minister/ANTARA

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Indonesia: Government apply protocal to control H1N1

The government Apply Protap the Control H1N1By editorial staff of 29/06/2009 @ 03:05

Jakarta – the Government will apply the procedure continue to the control of the A influenza illness (H1N1) or pig flu in several international activities that will be held several months came to anticipate the spreading of the illness that currently becomes the global pandemic. “In several forthcoming months will have two international activities that involved many participants from overseas like” Sail Bunaken in Manado and the AIDS Conference in Bali. Will be applied by the special step to pacify the activity to prevent the spreading of this illness, said Coordinating Minister for People’s Welfare Aburizal Bakrie ending led the meeting of the co-ordination about the control of A flu (H1N1) in the office of Kementrian Koordinator Welfare of the Jakarta People, on Monday.

All the immigrants were from the country collided with by A flu (H1N1), said he, will be obliged to pass the implement pemindai the temperature of the body (thermal scanner) that was installed in the international airport, filled up the card of health vigilance (Health Allert Card) and put on the mask during minimal three days since the arrival. “If there are those that was suspected of being infected, immediately will be brought to the reconciliation hospital.”

The reconciliation hospital has been ready and will be increased, he said after leading the meeting that also was attended by Health Minister Siti Fadilah Supari and Transport Minister Jusman Sjafii Djamal. The department of communications, said he, also will send the notification to all the flight crew member and the voyage to increase passenger vigilance towards the spread of the new influenza illness that the first time spread in Mexico.

“Moreover we also coordinated with the neighbouring country.” For ‘Sail Bunaken, we will coordinate with the available port in Darwin to help the monitoring’ of ‘ships that headed of Bunaken that passed the port to confirm all of his passengers were not infected when leaving the port’, ‘he explained.’ He said, the government increased vigilance towards the spreading of the A influenza illness (H1N1) because at this time the case of this illness has been found in Indonesia and countries that shared a border with Indonesia. (Antara)

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