Recombinomics Commentary 23:28
June 28, 2009
Meanwhile, health organizations said that the number of people infected in the country “is substantially greater” than the official toll and that hospitals are “verging on collapse”

The above comments on the state of health care health care in Argentina in general and Buenos Aires in particular due to the exploding number of pandemic H1N1 infections are widely reported.  The number of confirmed fatal cases has risen to 29,  in the past several days, including two reported today in Rosario, and reports suggest at least 15 additional fatalities are suspect cases.  The Buenos Aires website localized 15 fatalities, as well as 180 confirmed cases and over 500 suspect cases (see map), but these cases represent a small percentage of the actual infections.  The state numbers identify almost 1400 confirmed cases, including 25 fatalities in the metropolitan area.  Similarly, in the adjacent Santa Fe province the number of confirmed is 34, although private labs have confirmed 40 additional cases. 

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