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The pandemic of pig flu continued to spread and about five countries more, including Indonesia. The organisation of the health of the WHO world reported the case of pig flu that was first in Iraq, Ivory Coast, Cape Verde, Indonesia and Cambodia. WHO words of the six affected people the virus H1N1 in Iraq was the basketball player who was again new from America.

Indonesian Health Minister, Siti Fadilah Supari said, a pilot and tourists from Australia also was stated positive was affected by pig flu. The official of the health in Cambodia said, the case of first pig flu was a American student was 16 years that arrived in the country last week old. WHO stated the existence of the influenza pandemic in the world. This was the first time the situation was put into effect for the last 40 years. /VOA

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Supari reports two positive cases of SF in Indonesia

Menkes reported two cases of influenza of A H1N1 By editorial staff of 25/06/2009 @ 03:09

Menkes Dr. Dr. Siti Fadilah Supari, Sp. JP (K) today reported two positive cases of influenza of A H1N1. Both of them were the case of the import, meaning that they tertular from the other country. They were WA (the Man, 37 years) the work of the pilot. Before being sick, WA on June 14 flew to Perth, Australia and afterwards on June 18 went to Hong Kong. On June 19, WA entered RS Penyakit Infeksi (RSPI) Sulianti Saroso with the fever complaint. The condition for the health of the patient improved and at this time still was isolated in this hospital. The second case was BM (the Woman, 22 years) the English citizen remained Melbourne Australia. He visited to Bali on June 19. On June 20 felt hot and the cough. Afterwards took medicine to the hospital by bringing Health Alert Card that was met from the Ngurah Rai Airport and immediately was reconciled to RSUP Sanglah Denpasar. The condition for the patient at this time was good

That was sent by Menkes Dr. Dr. Siti Fadilah Supari, Sp. JP (K) to the domestic and foreign reporters in the Office Department of Health Jakarta, on June 24 2009 was linked with the discovery of two cases of influenza H1N1 in Jakarta and Denpasar. In the press conference that was accompanied by Prof. Dr. Tjandra Yoga Aditama, Dirjen P2PL, Prof. Dr. Agus Purwadianto, SH, Kepala of the Litbangkes Body and was guided by Dr. Lily Sulistyowati, Kepala of the Centre of Publik Menkes Communication stressed that the Indonesian Government has been ready in the control of A influenza (H1N1) just this. The department of the Health appointed steps to overcome the illness that has spread in 99 countries in the world, with: a. Increased vigilance throughout the health rank as well as sent the new Circular from Menkes and the Director General P2PL that stated the existence of the case of influenza H1N1 just in Bali and Jakarta b. Increased the activity of all the health facilities in RS, KKP, Laboratorium and other health means c. Increased logistic readiness as well as the human resources capacity d. Increased communication, information

In this opportunity, Menkes stressed came back that A Baru influenza (H1N1) was spread through direct contact from humankind to humankind through the cough, sneezed or objects that had been touching with the sufferer. At this time most illnesses were minor and recovered well. Menkes appealed to the community to always wash the hands with water flowed and soap, and drained with tisue or clean cloth. Carried out cough ethics and sneezed that was true. If being sick with the sign of influenza to put on the mask and be not adjacent to the family’s other member and immediately contacted the official of the health. Avoided went on a trip if being sick.

The case of influenza of A H1N1 was also reported by countries that were adjacent to Indonesia that is Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, Thailand, Papua New Guinea and Vietnam. Up to June 24, was reported by 99 countries with the number of sufferers all of them 52,160 people with 231 deaths with the death rate 0,4%. Apart from two positive cases of influenza of A H1N1, Menkes also received the report on the existence 4 Indonesian citizens were also positive. After coordinating, the four patients did not live in Indonesia but three domiciled people in Singapore and 1 still is domiciled at Australia. Apart from the four people, adalagi a Department of Health official who was joining the training of influenza of A H1N1 in Beijing it was suspected was affected by pig flu and another in Macao. /the Department of Health

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