NOVOSIBIRSK.  June 18 – A bird flu virus has been found in migrant waterfowl in Tuva. Fifty-eight dead birds were found on the coast of the lake of Ubsa- Nur in the Ovyur district in the Republic of Tuva, (Snip)

“Pathological material consisting of 22 samples from dead fowl was sent for laboratory tests, as a result of which the A virus subtype H5 was found in seven samples,” (Snip) Overall, as at Thursday, June 18, no cases of bird flu have been registered among poultry in the Siberian Federal District, the statement said.
Over 4.5 million of poultry are registered in high-risk zones.  More than 4 million have been vaccinated, almost 240,000 were re-vaccinated.

During monitoring tests H5N1 antibodies were found in 68 samples taken from wild migrant birds in ten districts of the Altai Territory, three districts in the Republic of Buryatia, one district in Tuva and one district in the Krasnodar territory.”Measures continue to be taken to prevent possible infection and spread of bird flu,”

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