As Manitoba copes with new cases of H1N1, doctors are telling the public to be prepared for more flu across Canada, particularly this fall. The message comes as the federal government yesterday announced $10.8-million for pandemic research over the next three years and the World Health Organization called a meeting of its top scientists.

“The initial thoughts of a month ago – maybe this is a flash in the pan – well, it’s not a flash in the pan, it’s clearly continuing to spread,” said Michael Gardam, director of infectious diseases prevention and control for the Ontario Agency for Health Protection and Promotion. Since not all sick patients are being tested for H1N1, Dr. Gardam said the numbers of those infected are actually higher. There were 1,795 laboratory-confirmed cases of the H1N1 flu virus reported in nine provinces and three territories as of Wednesday, including three deaths. Since Wednesday, 320 new cases have been reported, about half in Ontario. Worldwide, the virus has spread to 70 countries, where it has infected 21,940 people and killed 125.

In Manitoba, two cases of H1N1 have been confirmed in St. Theresa Point and another 21 people are in hospital suffering from flu-like symptoms. Governments have sent doctors and nurses to the remote community, 500 kilometres northeast of Winnipeg. Continued:

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CDC Weekly Seasonal Influenza Data
Week 21, ending May 30, 2009

Week 21, ending May 30, 2009
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