May 31, 2009 03:49 AM EDT
Twenty-Six People Suspected Bird Flu
Twenty-Six People Disallowed in Six Provinces Suspected of Being Infected by ‘Bird Flu’May 31, 2009 03:49 AM EDT
By  Ghada Abdalhafez, Said Nafa’, Adel Dora, Abdel-Hakam Al-Gendi, Mohamed Mahmoud Khalil, Nasr Al-Kashef and Yasser Shamis    

Yesterday, fever hospitals in six provinces have disallowed twenty-six people suspected of being infected by the Bird Flu symptoms.

In Dakahliya, the chest hospital in Mansoura has disallowed fourteen people from Meit Ghamr, Mansours, Agga and Sherbin and Kafr Al-Sheikh province. Samples were taken to be examined to make sure that they were not infected by Bird Flu. In the meantime, the doctors in the hospital confirmed that seventeen people were discharged from the hospital after being given the all clear.

In Gharbia, the fever hospital in Tanta and Mahla disallowed six people suspected of being infected by the Bird Flu.

In Qaliubiya, the under-secretary of the Minister of Health there, Dr.Mamdooh Khalef, confirmed that the chest hospital in Abbasiyah disallowed Om-Hashim Abdalmo’emn Mohamed, 68 year-old house wife, from Al-Amal city in Shubra al-Khaima after coming from Nasser General Hospital and a 2 year-old child Mohamed Ahmed Mahmoud, who was interacting with household birds, were both suspected of being infected with the disease.

In Menya, the under-secretary of the Minister of Health Dr Mohamed Ayman Ragab confirmed that Sayeda Morsi Saber, a 35 year-old, and her daughter Warda Mohamed Magdy, a one and a half year-old from the village of Alqtaeva, Deir Moas center, were disallowed from the fever hospital of Dermwas.

In Damietta, Damietta hospital disallowed Sawsan Fathi Mohamed, a 36 year-old house wife, from Farscor center and a sample was taken from her to be examined.

In Behira, the under-secretary of the Ministry, Dr. Yousri Mabrouk, confirmed that Afaf Reda Abdel-Rahman Wahdan, a 36 year-old from Kafr Al-Dawar was disallowed in the fever hospital in Alexandria.