The detention of 17 cases in 5 provinces on suspicion of bird flu

And the seizure of more than 4 thousands of birds in Damietta and Port Said

Detained in Mansoura Chest Hospital, yesterday, 7 new cases of suspected bird flu, they are: Abdul Aziz Gad flowers, Magda Mohamed Zeini, the names of Abraham, Mr. Jalal Taher, Mohammad Reza Abdullah, Princess Ashraf Awad Allah and from Hany Ahmed, said doctors at the hospital, 15 out the case of the detainees on suspicion of wounding after confirmation of the negative samples.

In the West, was arrested hospitals admitted Tanta and Mahala 7 new cases, suspected of having avian flu, where he was admitted Mahallah both: Mr. Reza Al-Khattab «years and three months», Abdulrahman Ahmed «4-year», and held both of Tanta fevers: King Amr Salah Muhammad Hamza al-Far «3 years» Behind Nnadif Imad AFAF Abda’er «35 years» and Nagwa Ibrahim Rashad «30 years».

In Qaliubiya detained hospital fevers Banha Mr. Mahmoud Arafa «16 years» called the Institute of the deaf and dumb girl and Mei Ibrahim Hosni «3 and a half years» of suspected bird flu.

In Beni Suef, was held at the Fatima Hamdan «49 years» on suspicion of being infected with the disease, the samples were taken and sent to the laboratories of the Ministry of Health.

In Damietta, the control and execution of the 2098 removal of live birds and 146 shanty home in the city-wide, and 296 birds were seized in the market Friday with the street vendors.

In Port Said, were seized about 2000 birds at dawn yesterday, the market for sale bin Abi Talib flower district, and the liberated 4 minutes of the incident, and issued, Maj. Gen. Salah El Baradei, director of security, the continuing campaign of joint instructions of the police and the supply of education and living in the areas of domestic random and rooftops.

In Sohag, the governor, Major General Mohsen al-Nuamani the execution of all the birds in any spots to prove the existence of the disease in the square kilometer, and the maintenance of the immediate payment of compensation to their owners.

“Dr. Ahmad Badri, Director of Veterinary Medicine, said that during the month of May 31 vaccinated and 985 thousand birds, and the execution of the slaughter of 260 birds and 430 A and the other.

In Damietta, the Teilb Dr. Ashraf, a member of the local town of Damietta, request a briefing to the noble Alqrvs, President of the Council, on the existence of a market place for the birds living within the city during the Thursday and Friday, and the slaughter of birds within the vendor market and the dumping of waste, which threatens an health disaster and the possibility of infection from bird flu.

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