Detained in hospital diets and the West Lake and the Damietta Qalubia 26 suspected cases of bird flu symptoms, and tests have proven cure the disease in the infected child East.

In the West, Dr. Essam Othman, Director of the Department of Preventive Medicine in the Department of Health, the hospital admitted Mahala held Hisham Ahmed Hassan Ali, 5 years, and Mohamed Mohamed Abdel Aal, 22, from Smonod Hassan Ahmed Hassan, and 3 years from the Almatmdip, and Mohammed Ismail Al-7 years, and Abeer Jaber Hajjaj nurse    30 years of estate law, and Mr. Mahmoud Ali Mahmoud, 4 years of Kafr Dmro, and happy 21 year-Baqi El Sawi, Salma Mehdi Bastawisi year and eight months,

It also held «a Mahallah» Hany Mohamed Fathy Saft 8 months of dust, and Mustafa Ahmed Abdalrady 4 years of Izbat Obodraa. Received «Tanta fevers» Najwa Mohamed Mahmoud Urabi 30 year housewife of the area will draw, and Mahmoud Sobhy Ammar, 16 years of Shabra Namla, Amina Ibrahim, 53 years of Almasrany Qtor Center, and Mohamed Magid du’aa Razeq 24 years of Alsentp Center.

Received «a Tanta» Lole Ibrahim Abdel Aal, 45 years of Kafr Essam. In the lake, Dr. Yosri Congratulations, Under-Secretary, Ministry of Health had been detained Mohamed Fouad Gannat Lachin, two months, from the Center for Kom Hamada, Ahmed Mohamed El Baker of the Center for 32 years in the Kafr Al-Dawar «fevers Alexandria», and the names of Mohamed Abou El Ela Mus’ad 6 years, and Nadia Abdullah Mohamed Arafa 15 months, and Nabil Al-Shazly 40 years of the status of Damanhour «fevers Damanhour».

In Qaliubiya Dr. Abdaty Abda’er, Director of Preventive Medicine in the Department of Health, the hospital admitted that the milk was held at the Riyadh Hani Attia, 3 years of Izbat Obofarag Center Banha, Mr. Mona Ahmed Jazzar, 20 years of the status of Tok, and dignified Ghneim Hussein, 45 years of Qalyoub Center, noting that they had contact with dead birds home.

In the hospital, held Damietta Damietta fevers Mona Ahmed Bassiouni «45 years» from the village of poets, the status of Damietta, Mr. Awad Abdulghaffar 18 years working Alhamul, Kafr El-Sheikh, and Hanan Reda Farhat, two and a half years.

In Fayoum, confirmed Saber Abdel-Al, a member of a local Council met Monday, during the recent local meeting, the live birds bought and sold in markets and shops operating under the nose of those responsible did not take any action even on a face-saving way to ensure oversight of health.

For his part, admitted Dr. Emad Younan, director of the Veterinary Department at the met Monday, the potential vulnerability of animal units and disability rise in veterinarians, pointing out that people smuggling birds over the course of the immunization committee, a reference reason for the absence of vaccines to the lack of refrigerators for the preservation of the damage.

In Alexandria seized security crackdowns in cooperation with the security the subject of the sale of 11 birds and found that the owners of 15 shops which were closed to break the seals and the opening of the records have been liberalized, as the straw was removed 346 birds 4876 birds and the execution of the campaign carried out 7 administrative decisions to close 7 stores again.

On the other hand, stressed Rauf Adib, a doctor at a hospital in the Tamiflu drug, the child recovered Mahmoud Ali El-Shafei, 4 years, from the village of Kafr Saqr Alahjarsp in the East, from bird flu, which has suffered Monday.

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