A MELBOURNE primary school’s students will be quarantined after a nine-year-old boy tested positive to swine flu.

The Clifton Hill boy tested positive to swine flu after returning from a trip to Disneyland in the US.

His parents and three sisters are now apparently showing flu-like symptoms and are also in isolation at home.

Health officers are now at Clifton Hill Primary School advising staff and parents of the confirmed case.

Grade three students at Clifton Hill Primary School will be voluntarily quarantined following the positive test, principal Geoffrey Warren told the Melbourne Leader today.

Mr Warren said 24 students from the boy’s year group would be given the medications Tamiflu and Relenza and be voluntarily quarantined for up to seven days.

Other children may also be quarantined if the boy’s ten-year-old sibling was also found to have the flu, with results expected to be released later today.

“All parents of children in the student’s year group will be contacted by phone and a letter from the Heath Department sent to all parents tonight,” he said.