(we really should be very worried about this school situation. Are the teachers just not concerned enough to raise hell over this? Teachers, I’d love to have you weigh in on this so we can better understand your thoughts.-cottontop)

300 Students At Renton School Out Sick With Flu-Like Symptoms

Posted: 10:41 am PDT May 19, 2009
RENTON, Wash. — A large number of students at a Renton high school have either called in sick or were sent home sick with flu-like symptoms, reported KIRO 7 Eyewitness News.

On Monday, the Renton School District sent a letter to parents of Lindberg High School students after the number of sick students rose to 300 out of the 1,150 who attend the school, Renton School District Community Relations Director Randy Matheson said.

Matheson said many students are showing flu-like symptoms including headaches, coughs and fevers.

School officials said the numbers of sick students began creeping up last Thursday. By Friday, about 200 students were out sick.

“We want to make sure that parents keep students who are sick at home,” said Matheson, who said the usual sick rate at the school is about 100.

The school will remain open. Extra custodians were brought into the school on Monday to wipe down tables and doorknobs.