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What is weird to me is that I am finding daily reports of the number of cases in the US in most every countries news on my news aggregator but none of them are in English or from English speaking papers. mojo

google translated from portuguese
U.S. confirms 346 new cases of swine flu in the country

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The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC, the acronym in English) of the United States informed this Tuesday that were recorded 346 new cases of swine flu, officially known as influenza A (H1N1). The flight review amounted to 5469 the number of cases of the disease, including six deaths.

 In his daily report, the CDC reported that, because it is a new virus, expectations are that the disease spreads further across the country.

According to the document in the coming days will be reported more cases, hospitalizations and deaths associated with this new virus.
 In the U.S., the states of Alaska, West Virginia and Wyoming are not the only reported cases of the disease.

The numbers the CDC has not yet been confirmed by WHO (World Health Organization) which has 5123 confirmed cases of the virus A (H1N1), including five deaths.