China confirms fourth swine flu case
Posted : Tue, 19 May 2009 04:11:39 GMT
Author : DPA

Beijing – China on Tuesday confirmed a fourth infection with H1N1 influenza after a 59-year-old man who returned from North America tested positive for the virus. The man, identified only by the surname Yang, was treated at the No 8 People’s Hospital in the southern city of Guangzhou after developing a fever during a train journey to Guangzhou from nearby Hong Kong on Friday, the health ministry said.

Yang had travelled on a Korean Air flight from Seattle to Seoul last Tuesday, continuing to Hong Kong on another Korean Air flight the next day.

He suffered a sore throat, blocked nose and coughing while in Hong Kong on Thursday but did not develop a fever until he was on the train to Guangzhou, the ministry said.

Yang is the fourth person confirmed with H1N1 case in mainland China in the last 10 days.