Two new suspected bird flu in the Fayoum and Monoufia

Monday, May 11, 2009 – 16:48

Detained, hospital diets and fevers Fayyoum Mnov two new suspected bird flu, which entered the honorable Muhammad (30 years) from the village was built in favor of the status of Fayoum Fayoum fever in a hospital, and hospital fevers Mnov detained, housewife, on suspicion of being infected with bird flu, following the emergence of symptoms of the disease.

Pointed out. Hesham Atta, Deputy Minister of Health, the situation of a woman named Samia Omar Shimi (42 years) and assess the housewife Jraun County Center Alpajur. Blood samples were taken for examination of the injured was a factor and the Ministry of Health show that the cause of their infection has been raising birds at home to move to the place of residence and health through cleaning up the place safe.

In the same context Quesna of Investigation has seized a car No. 72545 Qlliopip command transfer spring Mohamed Gad (40 years) transported the driver of the number of 160 chickens without a permit and reservation to the car And the quantities seized and the investigation by the prosecutor.

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