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(There is some distrubing news coming out of  Western Nepal, Gorkha, and Uhiya.  They are calling it a “mysterious illness” but they say they have ruled out swine flu. If this is H5N1,  this is a worrisome situation. This “mysterious illness” is swift, and hitting mainly children at this time.  Here is from Thursday until presant.-cottontop)

Nepal -Mystery Disease, 13 deaths
Unidentified Disease Takes 13 Lives In Western Nepal

Shafali Sharma – Thu, 05/07/2009 – 16:13

Over the last two weeks, an unknown disease has taken lives of 13 people at the Gumla Village Development Committee of Gorkha district in western Nepal.

According to officials, the majority of those killed because of the unidentified ailment were kids.

They also said that citizens are in the grip of the lethal disease that has left people panic stricken.

On Wednesday, 3 members of a single family including Dambar Maila, his wife Rati Gurung and their son Saila Gurung died due to the same disease.

Other people in the deceased list include Kisman Gurung, Samali Gurung, Saila Gurung, Kanchha Gurung, Kisanman Gurung, Tikan Gurung, Karina Gurung, Manoj Gurung, Sharmila Gurung and Tul Bahadur Gurung.

The main symptoms of the disease are headache, high fever, acute cough, and abdominal pain and itching in the body.

Approximately 35 people gravely affected by the disease have been taken to the district hospital, the functionaries added.

The District Health Office, around 75 km west of Kathmandu, asserted that it got the information of the outbreak late.

Preparations are in full swing to send a group of expert health workers to affected regions.


Nepal rules out swine flu as mystery virus kills 13
2009-05-07 14:30:00
Last Updated: 2009-05-07 14:43:09

Kathmandu: A medical team that rushedtoaremote village in western Nepal after a mystery diseasekilled13people in less than a fortnight on Wednesday ruled out anoutbreakofswine flu and attributed the deaths to a viral attack.

Over40 more people in Gumla village in Gorkha district were being treatedafter they complained of headache, cough,sore throat and fever.

On Wednesday alone, three villagers had died, creating panic in the area.


Nepal became concerned about swine flu after suffering an outbreak of birdfluin its eastern district Jhapa in the neighbouring India,which caused thousands of birds to be culled this year and triggered a shortage of chicken.



Mystery disease kills 13 in Gorkha

People in a remote village in Gorkha district have started panicking after at least a dozen people died due to an unidentified disease over the past two weeks.

The disease – that starts with common syndromes like headache, fever and cough- claimed three additional lives Wednesday in Gumda VDC alone taking the death toll to 13.

The deceased belonged to a single family — Dambar Maila, his wife Rati Gurung and their son Saila Gurung. Other deceased are Kisanman Gurung, Karina Gurung, Manoj Gurung, Sharmila Gurung, Kisman Gurung, Samali Gurung, Tikan Gurung, Saila Gurung, Kanchha Gurung and Tul Bahadur Gurung.

Additional 35 locals are suffering from the disease, reports say.

The District Health Office said a team of medical professionals left for the village Wednesday to take the disease under control. The DHO said it could not respond in time as it got the information about the outbreak very late.

Meanwhile, the disease has been identified as post-viral pneumonia. A team of doctors from the health ministry and the district hospital diagnosed the disease as post-viral pneumonia Thursday afternoon. The doctors checked up more than 60 patients Thursday, reports say. May 07 09


150 Cases

orkha disease is post-viral pneumonia
Kantipur Report
GORKHA, May 8 – The disease that killed 13 in a village of Gorkha district has been diagnosed as post-viral pneumonia.The medical team that reached Gumda from the district headquarters yesterday identified the disease spread in the village for the past three weeks and started treating the patients.

After getting treatment, about 150 villagers who are suffering from the disease — out of which 30 were critical – are gradually recovering after the treatment.

The disease took three lives on Wednesday alone.

The number of children among the deceased is significant.

The disease has symptom of headache, fever and cough along with pain in the abdomen and itching in the body.


Spreading to Uhiya

Comment:  This article reports that this disease, (Post Viral Pneumnia?), is spreading.  Uhiya VDC (district?) is just to the north of Gumda VDC.  Post Viral Pneumonia is an awful vague description.  Another article called it Viral Fever.  Viral Fever is another vague term which as best as I can tell is a general term which often lumps influenza in with any number of other unidentified viral diseases.

Mystery disease identifiedLast Updated : 2009-05-08 11:02 AM

GORKHA: The mystery disease that triggered panic in remote Gumda VDC for the past two weeks has been identified. Health Minister Giriraj Mani Pokhrel arrived here on Thursday along with a team of officials. He announced that Post Viral Pneumonia led to the death of 13 villagers. Dr Gunaraj Lohani, chief, district health and medical superintendent, said that so far around 100 patients had been treated for the outbreak. A majority of the patients is children. Gumda VDC is located around 75 km from district headquarters. The disease is spreading to adjoining Uhiya VDC as well.


Nepal Maps

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UP puts Indo-Nepal border under scanner for H1N1 virus

Press Trust Of India
Gorakhpur, May 10, 2009
First Published: 16:50 IST(10/5/2009)
Last Updated: 16:53 IST(10/5/2009)

Uttar Pradesh government has declared Indo-Nepal border as “sensitive” in the wake of the outbreak of deadly swine flu, which has spread to 31 countries.

An official spokesman told PTI on Sunday that following a warning from the WHO, the state government has made arrangements to monitor the border.

“Monitoring centres equipped with team of doctors and medical kits have been set up at the immigration offices of Sonauli and Rupaideeha barriers of Indo-Nepal border falling under Mahrajganj and Bahraich districts respectively,” he said.

Chief Medical Officer of Gorakhpur R N Mishra told PTI that WHO has provided these doctors with personal protection kits, including mask and goggles, to collect blood samples of people entering India via the border.

Isolated wards have been set up in health centres in these two districts as well as at BRD Medical College here to conduct tests on people showing symptoms of H1N1 virus, Mishra said.

The chief medical officer said arrangements have been made to send blood samples to National Institute of Virology, Pune and National Institute of Communicable Diseases, New Delhi for confirmatory tests.

Stocks of Tamiflu– a globally recognised medicine to combat the disease– are being arranged at all vulnerable districts, he said adding that no one has so far tested positive for the influenza.


Gorkha, Nepal – 40 Pneumonia, 8 critical

Pneumonia scourge in hostelLast Updated : 2009-05-10 8:41 AM

THT Online

GORKHA: More than 50 per cent of the students living in a hostel of Manakamana Deaf Secondary School at Taksar in Gorkha-8 are suffering from pneumonia. Over 40 students are suffering from the disease while condition of eight students is reported to be critical, a school source said.
According to Khadananda Regmi, chairman of the school management committee, the number of students suffering from the disease was increasing everyday while more and more students were showing symptoms of the disease of headache, fever and vomiting.
The students suffering from the disease are undergoing treatment in the hostel with the help of the staffers from the district public health office.
The school is running classes up to Grade IX and 80 deaf students from several districts are living in the school hostel, the school source said.

(and now this out of Vietnam)

Vietnam – Fever rampant in Ha Noi children

HA NOI – The number of children suffering from virus-related fevers and respiratory diseases is rising in Ha Noi. The number of children admitted to the hospital has risen in the past few weeks, said Dr Nguyen The Thanh of Bach Mai Hospital’s Paediatrics Department.

“There are between 70 and 80 child patients hospitalised each day. This number increases by 150 at the weekends when the outpatients’ department is off,” he said.

Three to a bed

Currently, the hospital is crammed with young patients, with two or three children sharing a bed.

The Saint Paul Hospital’s Paediatrics Department is currently receiving 500 to 600 new patients each day. As many as 200 of these have acute respiratory problems and high fever, according to the department’s Doctor Nguyen Thi Tho.

Thanh said that common symptoms were headaches, chills, muscle pain and vomiting. Some also suffered from convulsions and difficulty breathing.

“For the most part, patients recover from a high fever after five to seven days treatment, but the condition sometimes reoccurs among weak patients,” he said.
The doctor also warned that the symptoms of virus-caused fevers were similar to encephalitis.

“People who still have a fever after the usual recovery period should be hospitalised and take further tests to avoid serious complications that may include brain damage,” the doctor said.

In spite of the high number of patients, there was no sign that this was an epidemic.

Director of the Central Paediatrics Hospital Nguyen Thanh Liem said it was difficult to distinguish between the AH1N1 flu and other kinds of flu, but so far there had been no cases of swine flu in Viet Nam. – VNS

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