Sunday, May 10, 2009

Egypt-42 suspected bird flu in one day
Distributed to 12 County
The number of cases confirmed since 2006 arrived in the case of 68
Written by Amira Abdel-Salam
Ministry of Health announced in a statement on Sunday that suspected cases of bird flu in Egypt and the case reached the 42 on Saturday, at a rate of 6 cases of the Governorate of Cairo and Alexandria, and 8 cases, 5 cases in each of the Monoufia and 3 cases of the West and the eastern region, Damietta, two Rawash Qalubia and one each in Fayoum, Menya, the lake and Dakahliya.
This brings the number of suspected cases of bird flu in humans since the disease in Egypt in 2006 to the 7179 case, the confirmed infection of 68, and 26 cases died of disease, while 42 corresponded to the situation of recovering.

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