Kafr El-Sheikh – Egyptian Ahmed:
10 new suspected cases of avian influenza in Kafr Sheikh

Continue the series of cases of suspected bird flu patient in Kafr Sheikh to reach the number of cases retained more than 40 suspected bird flu patient, after the detention of 10 new cases on hospital fevers of Kafr el-Sheikh.

Susan Abu Abbas, the Director of the hospital: he was detained by the dear Hassan Mohamed (50 years), and Abeer Wardany ABDULAATI (23 years), and Islam Mohamed Attia (3 years), nymph and Abdel-Moneim (62 years), and hopes to Ahmad Lutfi (35 years ), and Susan Attia BASSIOUNI (20 years), and Mohamed Meghawri (15 years), and Saadia Usman (20 years), and Rania Abdo Barmawi (5 years), and Fawzia Abdel-Maksoud (28 years).

Denied the Directorate of Veterinary Medicine in Kafr Sheikh and there are no pigs in the province since 8 years; and when issued, Justice Ali Abd al-conservative former Shakour decision transported to Cairo, and the fold of one garbage dump next to the main Kafr El-Sheikh


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