Governor Rendell held a press conference late Sunday afternoon in Montgomery County moments after the state received confirmation that Pennsylvania is now one of the 31 states with a confirmed case of the swine flu virus.

The state’s first confirmed case of swine flu is of a 31-year-old man in Upper Merion, Montgomery County. He is a mexican citizen who just arrived in the United States late last week on a work visa. Health officials say he arrived with flu-like symptoms, but has since recovered for the virus. man from montgomery county with the confirmed case has since recovered.

The governor said confirmation from the Centers for Disease Control means all citizens should be even more vigilant.

“There is no need to panic, but we again are urging all members of the public, if you feel sick, if you have any symptoms you think are like the symptoms of ordinary flu, see your doctor immediately. Do not wait,” said Rendell.

Rendell also said the the case will not change the state’s level of preparation to mitigate the continued outbreak of the virus here in Pennsylvania.

The state has started deploying its stock-pile of anti-viral medication. More than one million courses of medication are available. Health officials said they will be used for patients with probable cases of swine flu and people who came in contact with infected people.