Australia: Ten Queenslanders are being tested for deadly swine flu and one passenger has been detained after returning to Australia from Los Angeles displaying symptoms. Two other people in Queensland were cleared of the virus yesterday after exhibiting symptoms and another two were cleared during the weekend.

China: Scientists in Hong Kong are trying to develop a test that will cut the time it takes to diagnose the new swine flu strain from a few days to a few hours.

Mexico: Two weeks after the first known swine flu death, Mexico still hasn’t given medicine to the families of the dead.

New Zealand: New Zealand health officials are now investigating 56 more possible cases of swine flu. Ten people from Rangitoto College have already tested positive for influenza A and a further 56 people who have recently returned from America or Mexico and have flu-like symptoms are being tested. All but 18 of the 356 passengers on NZ1 – the flight the Rangitoto College students were on – have been contacted.

South Korea: A South Korean citizen is being tested for possible swine flu, one of three people reported to have swine flu symptoms after trips to Mexico.  The two others have tested negative.

U.S.: The number of confirmed swine flu cases in the US has risen to 48 after further testing was carried out at a New York City school.