April 28 (Reuters) – Governments around Europe and Africa acted to stem a possible flu pandemic (Snip). Here is a guide to some of the precautionary steps being taken around Europe and Africa:

* Star denotes new or updated entry:


AUSTRIA — Has stocks of antiviral drugs sufficient to treat 4 million people (half the population), and has secured production capacity for prophylactic vaccines for the entire population. It has also stockpiled 8 million protective masks.

* BRITAIN — Advises nationals against non-vital travel to Mexico. It also said routine consular and all visa services at its embassy in Mexico City had been suspended. Has antiviral stockpiles to provide treatment for 50 percent of the population should they become ill.

* BULGARIA — Sofia airport boosted checks of passengers arriving from countries affected. Two thermal scanners have been installed at the airport. Customs officers are also checking the luggage of passengers arriving from Mexico, the U.S., Canada and Japan to ensure they are not importing pork products.

* CZECH REPUBLIC — Circulated general information on the viral strain to hospitals, doctors and general practitioners. Has stocks of 2 million doses of Tamiflu, enough to treat one fifth of the population. At Prague Airport, information boards on swine flu have been put up and medical exams are available.

DENMARK — A general pandemic plan is in place since bird flu scare. Denmark has stockpiled Tamiflu.

* FRANCE — Is now strongly advising against travelling to Mexico. Has reinforced checks at airports, especially for people returning from Mexico. France has a stock of more than 30 million antiviral treatments, composed of 24 million doses of Tamiflu and 9 million doses of Relenza.

GERMANY — Advises nationals against non-vital travel to Mexico.

GREECE — Has “strategic stocks” of Tamiflu and other antivirus medicine.

ITALY – Pamphlets are being handed out to passengers at Rome’s international airport although there are no restrictions on travel. Italy has 10 million doses of Zanamivir (Relenza) and 60,000 doses of Tamiflu as well as enough Tamiflu powder to make 30 million doses.

NORWAY — A “pandemic committee” will be assembled this week. Authorities have stored flu medicine covering one-third of the 4.7 million population.

RUSSIA — Health ministry recommends Russian citizens avoid trips to Mexico.

Aircraft personnel arriving from the Americas have been instructed to look out for passengers with flu-like symptoms. Planes, on which cases are suspected, should be taxied to special zones, and passengers and crews examined by medics.

— Imposed curbs on meat imports from Mexico, a number of U.S. states and the Caribbean.

SPAIN — Distributing leaflets to passengers arriving from Mexico, advising them to report to a health centre if they suffer symptoms. Spain has a stockpile of 10 million doses of Tamiflu. Flights to Mexico are being equipped with face masks and gloves.

UKRAINE — Ban on imports of live pigs and pork meat from countries where cases of swine flu have been recorded. This applies to Mexico, the U.S., Canada and New Zealand. All shipments received after April 21 will be subject to the ban.

* EGYPT — The authorities have increased medical staff at Cairo airport to check passengers arriving from Mexico and will monitor them during their stay.

* ZAMBIA — Has formed an emergency task force to deal with a possible outbreak of swine flu.