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The following text is from Update Five (the latest)

All passengers from all flights arriving in New Zealand from the Americas are being screened on arrival. Five flights from the Americas arrived in New Zealand this morning. Of around a thousand passengers, two were “actively screened”, meaning they had reported symptoms to either their air crew or ground staff. On arrival, these passengers were examined by public health officials and found to not be suspected cases. All other passengers on these flights were observed and no suspected cases were identified. Border and public health staff at the airport would again like to thank the travelling public for their patience while these processes are carried out.

Healthline have experienced a 60 percent rise in call volumes as a result of advice passed via the media to the public. They are receiving inquiries from passengers, recent travellers, and members of the public. Additional nurses have been called in to Healthline and more will be in this afternoon and evening.

The Ministry would like to reiterate that it is important that people who have travelled to Mexico or North America in the last fortnight should contact Healthline (0800 611 116) for information regarding the situation. They should seek medical advice if they are displaying flu-like symptoms. Members of the public who have not travelled to these locations in the last fortnight and are displaying flu-like symptoms should manage their illness in a normal way.