Indonesia: Eleven new human cases?
Via Bird Flu Information Corner, a translated report from Galamedia: Sukabumi, West Java ::: Eleven people may contract bird flu virus.

Excerpt: Eleven people from Kp. Cinunggang RT 04/RW 03 Desa Sampora, Kec. Cikidang, Kab. Sukabumi, suddenly developed breathing difficulty and high fever few hours after contacted with dead chickens (20/4).  Even though this is bird-flu-like symptoms but Livestock Service (Disnak) and Health Service (Dinkes) still doubt that this may be caused by bird flu infection.

“The clinical signs are similar to bird flu infection. On average, they developed high fever and breathing difficulty after contact with dead chickens. Until now we don’t now if they are positive bird flu infection,” said Head of Infection Disease Control and Environmental Health (P2MPL) Health Service Kab. Sukabumi, Dadang Sucipta.

This seems to me to be a sensible medical response, but certainly not evidence of a sudden cluster of cases.  In my army days, Fort Ord, California suffered an outbreak of meningitis in 1964. A few months earlier, you wouldn’t get to go on sick call without obvious barking pneumonia. Now, a recruit with so much as the sniffles would be in the post hospital before he could blow his nose.  So the Indonesian doctors are erring on the side of caution, but their patients are likely to be home in a few days talking about all the fuss the hospital made over them.  If this were an outbreak involving one civilian patient and ten nurses and doctors in the hospital, however, I would be more concerned.