Simulation Penanggulangan Episenter pandemic influenza in the city of Makassar, South Sulawesi, 25-26

by Editor 21/04/2009 @ 01:09

To date, the bird flu virus transmission still comes from poultry to humans. But in the face of a possible influenza pandemic, the Government of Indonesia has prepared two scenarios, namely when episenter occurred in Indonesia and episenter occurred outside Indonesia. Scenario has been written down in the National Plan of Preparedness and Response Facing pandemic influenza (the National Pandemic Preparedness and Response Plan / NPPRP) Edition March 2008.

To increase the capacity, technical capabilities, and coordination of all related sectors including the community in episenter of pandemic influenza will be held episenter simulation of pandemic influenza in the city of Makassar on 25-26 April 2009.
Episenter pandemic influenza is the first location finding signals and signal epidemiology virologi pandemic influenza.

To report preparation Simulation, Simulation Executive Committee Penanggulangan Episenter influenza pandemic led dr. Arie Bratasena Head of Sub Directorate of ISPA to the hearing with the Mayor of Ir. H. A. Herry Iskandar, MSi, Friday (17/04). Simulation will be held at 1 Kelurahan RW kassi and Kassi-RW in 2 villages Bontomakio, RS Gresetelina, RSUP Wahidin Sudirohusodo (RS references) and the Port of Sukarno Hatta Makassar. This also involves the simulation of the whole device area, in the police and the TNI, the company is located in the area of simulation.

At the Mayor of Makassar mengimbau community and business locations in the simulation in order to contribute to menyukseskan success of the simulation because the simulation will take the name of the city of Makassar in South Sulawesi province and not only at the national level but also at world level. Because this simulation will be attended not only by officials but by central agencies and various international agencies as observers. Simulation involves about 600 actors from various policy stakeholders in the city of Makassar, South Sulawesi and Central. Number of observers consisted of 132 people from 54 national and international institutions.

Simulation episenter pandemic influenza in the city of Makassar is a simulation of the two. The first simulation was conducted in the Village of Dangin Tukadaya, Kabupaten Jembrana, Bali, on 25-27 April 2008. Makassar was selected because the role of the community that are high and adequate infrastructure as the transportation network faster, the growth of trade and development to the entire Eastern India and particularly the world in general. Expected learning from the simulation in the city of Makassar to disseminate learning preparedness in Eastern Indonesia. / department of health

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