The 5-yo sibling of Manar Saad Ibrahim Zidan (1.6) (WHO confirmed case #66) has also now been admitted to Kafr El Sheik Hospital in Kelin along with 7 additional other supsect cases.  



On the concerns made by the World Health Organization report on bird flu virus in Egypt, which leads to the spread between humans, Dr. Adel Khattab – Advisor to the Minister of Health to combat avian influenza – bird flu virus is still on its initial move from birds to humans only, not The best so far, no mutation of the virus leads to transmission between humans and each other, and it did not enter the stage of disease very harsh evidence that Egypt did not witness any of the 14 deaths among the disease this year, pointing out that the World Health Report does not contain any evidence that the virus will mutate or injured person without showing symptoms, noting that all cases of suspected infection were transferred to hospitals subject to the diets of the medical tests, indicating that successive infections in Egypt due to the education of household birds, despite awareness campaigns and laws enacted by the ministry for several years to combat the disease.

Said Dr. Susan Abbasi – Director of Kafr El-Sheikh hospital admitted: that the hospital had received 8 cases of suspected SARS patients, including children, Amr Ibrahim Zidan – 5 years – the brother of Ibrahim al-Manar, which the girl child infected with the disease have been confirmed.

The Director of the hospital cases were 5 children and 3 women.

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