BY Dominica Correspondent
Originally published: April 20, 2009 02:53:00 AM
Last updated: April 20, 2009 06:37:47 AM

Dominica’s communication response to an outbreak of Bird Flu will be tested as a simulation exercise gets going in the country.

Member states of the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Response Agency (CDERA) are taking on the simulation exercise. Minister with responsibility for disaster management Charles Savarin has noted that there has been an alert of an avian flu outbreak in Latin America and some cases have been identified in the Caribbean.

As part of the local response, persons coming into the island are to be screened upon arrival.

“We have notified all our ports and our airports that persons coming into Dominica particularly [those] who are coming from Latin America and/or St. Lucia, should be screened by medical personnel at the port, and immigration and customs have been so informed,” Savarin said.

According to Savarin, the Ministry of Health will be considerably involved in the exercise.

“We have called a meeting of the sub-committee on health to gather at the EOC here in Jimmit to gather all of the information and to advise on the way forward,” the minister said.