Ibrahim Abdel-Latif writes

Detained hospital fevers Shebin housewife, on suspicion of being infected with bird flu virus after the emergence of symptoms of infection, and Dr. Hisham Al-Atta, Deputy Minister of Health Menoufia, the situation of a woman named Zainab Ibrahim Ahmed Zaghloul (23 years) resident district housewife “Ptbs” Shebin Center Kom, and suffer from cough, running nose and pain in the joints, was withdrawn from the blood sample for analysis mentioned central labs of the Ministry of Health in Cairo.

It is noticeable increase in cases of suspected infection Menofia, and already have a sample positive for the children, are Shoroq Saeed (two years) in Shebin and Mr. Habiba (a year and a half) LAID Mnov Center, and the uniform of healing, the spread of the first accused Jeddah garbage district Bcpin Western Kom causing HIV infection in her granddaughter.

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