Hospital admitted Qena arrested yesterday on suspicion of two children infected with bird flu, also detained in hospital fevers Qaliubiya Banha, a young man for the same reason, and the Vice-Suez requested a briefing in which he accused the government of failing to cope with the disease, describing the plans of combating b «imaginary».

In Qena, was arrested Nabil fever hospital Abdalenaim «8 years», and Muhammad Arif «8 years», on suspicion of SARS after the emergence of the disease symptoms similar to them, said Dr. Ayman Abdel-Moneim, Under-Secretary, Ministry of Health, said that the two samples were taken and sent to labs central Cairo for analysis, and sampling of domestic birds to be sent to the Agriculture Ministry’s labs for analysis and clean up the houses and the adjacent houses.

In Qaliubiya detained hospital milk fevers, Desouk Tantawi Mohamed Tantawi «25 years», on suspicion of being infected with the disease, said Dr. Abdul Qadeer Faraj, Under-Secretary of the hospital, the patient was hospitalized for almost 6 days with a fever and was transferred from the hospital, thanked the Kafr Central, who tend to show that the birds were taken from the sample and sent to central laboratories for analysis, and isolation and to take necessary action.

For his part, the Saad al-Khalifa, a member of the People’s Chamber of Suez, for notification to the President of the Council of Ministers, ministers of health, agriculture and finance, on the government’s inability to combat the disease, criticized the number of infections to 63 cases, according to official figures of the Ministry of Health, despite warnings from scientists virus may mutate into a human infection directly, which would lead to disaster.

Khalifa said that the directors of the general discussion of Veterinary Medicine in the provinces, revealed the existence of a large financial deficit of around 85%, have been appropriated for the plan to combat the disease in 2009, explaining that he had been allocated 177 million pounds is not only the provision of only 27 million,

He pointed out that the plan has already faced a shortfall last year, also financially, with the allocation of 188 million pounds, did not have only 36 million only, which indicates a lack of government’s seriousness in the face of the disease.

Khalifa and asked about the reasons for the lack of funds allocated to fight the disease and to develop realistic plans rather than plans, which he has been monitoring Balohmip large sums on paper without implementation on the ground.