April 8, 2009

Bandung, West Java:  Two bird flu suspect patients, AM (26) and Fai (14 months) residents of Subdistrict Cipatat, County Bandung Barat (KBB) were reported to have escaped from the bird flu installation unit (Flamboyan Room) at Hasan Sadikin Hospital (RSHS).

“They didn’t escape, but insisted on returning home without hospital recommendation. It was lunch hour for the officers and paramedics.  Maybe they used that moment to return home,” said Cissy RS Prawira Kartasasmita, Director of RSHS.  Cissy also mentioned that the patients had been tested negative by hospital laboratory. “But the hospital with help from local health services will observe their condition,” stated Cissy.

Usually patients who insist on returning home before the end of a recommended term, will report to the officer-on-duty, but they didn’t.  The guard also didn’t know that the patients had left the room.  The Flamboyan Room is guarded by an officer, but the entrance is not locked.  This incidence is the first time this has happened in RSHS.

“We will enhance the security; in particular doors and windows, and also add a number of officers,” said Cissy.

Meanwhile, AM and Fai are known to be staying at AM’s parents in-laws’s house, Kampung Cikokosan RT 01/06, Subdistrict Cipatat, KBB.  The Chieftain of Desa Cipatat, Darya Sugangga, said they are  trying to convince AM to return to hospital. Darya worried that their condition might worsen, especially Fai.  Confirmation about the status of these patients also has not been issued, whether positive or negative.  Desa Cipatat authorities will take them back to hospital today.