Village residents allegedly fell ill Cikekep Bird Flu Virus
Friday, April 03, 2009
CIANJUR (SI) – Ade, 50, of Kampung Cikekep RT 06/04, Desa Cidadap, Campaka District, Cianjur, who have a fever, shortness of breath, cough, and immediately get intensive treatment in a hospital in Sukabumi yesterday.

Ade allegedly fell ill strong virus bird flu or Avian Influenza (AI). AI allegations suspect because the victims never make contact with poultry (chicken), which died suddenly in the village. This is expressed by Coordinator of Participatory Disease Surveillance and Respond (PDSR) Kabupaten Cianjur Awan Setiawan.

Victims, he said, was to direct one of the hospitals in the Sukabumi after obtaining a report from the local community about the symptoms of the suspect and the sudden death of birds. “After the crosscheck, was correct and that AI is a common phenomenon,” he said yesterday.

The cloud, before experiencing symptoms of shortness, fever, and cough-cough, Ade had to contact with dead chickens. At that time, Campaka in the area are dozens of chickens died suddenly. After the examination is done with the blood sampling, the results positive AI. “From 26 chickens that died suddenly in the area, seven of them positive AI,” he said.

In addition, based on the results of the data collection Animal Husbandry, Fisheries, and Marine Cianjur regency, the type of domestic poultry birds were found dead suddenly in the last few days in the four regions, each District Mande, Sukaluyu, Cilaku, and Campaka, all recorded as 132 tails .

As many as 12 head of them based on the rapid test (rapid test) revealed positive infected with AI virus. Animal Husbandry Officer, Fisheries, and Marine Cianjur Regency yesterday in Kampung Cidamar, Bobojong Village, District Mande, rapid test to perform a number of dead chickens that died suddenly.

They also do spraying on the cage-cage birds belong to citizens. Tails of the three dead chickens taken sampelnya in that region, the two tails expressed positive AI. Head of Animal Health and Public Health Verteriner Animal Husbandry, Fisheries, and Marine Cianjur Regency Ir Adiyanto Wahidin mention, hundreds of chickens that experienced sudden death in these four districts.

Cidamar in the village, the Village Bobojong, District Mande, poultry deaths reach 76 tails, Kampung Cikeukeup RT 06/09, Desa Cidadap, District 26 Campaka tails; Babakan Kamiran Village, Village Selajambe, District Sukaluyu tails 23, and in Kampung Rahong, Village Munjul Sub Cilaku, as many as 7 tails.

“From the results of the rapid test in the four districts, and as many as 12 chickens that are in the District of Mande, Sukaluyu, and Campaka, expressed as positive,” said Adiyanto.