This blackout is going to put me out of a blog! LOL

Seriously though, I hate news blackouts. You know BF hasn’t gone away, you know people are still getting infected, but you don’t know  WHAT is going on. Newhounds are frantically searching in corners to find news, and it just isn’t there. I’ve seen a newsblack out continue for as long as three weeks if not a little longer. It wears on you.

So,  enjoy the downtime, as I  and other newshounds are. It’s a great time to rotate some preps, clean out storage containers to freshen them up, perhaps now is the time to rework you prep storage system if you’ve been wanting to be more organized, find new storage space (because under the bed is full) or draw up an emergency plan should a natural disaster or pandemic happen. A natural disaster plan is always an excellant idea.