by Editor 29/03/2009 @ 23:08

Beijing: Outbreak hand, foot, and mouth – is prevalent in the Indonesia-called “flu
Singapore “- the 41 thousand killed five Chinese and 18 of them.

This flu – which indicated the heat at night-plus the nodule nodule around the hand, foot, and mouth sores and the like sariawan in the mouth – usually not dangerous.

Li Xinwang, a doctor in Universias Ditan, Beijing, the usual peak of this epidemic spread in the May to July. But this year shows that the distribution is much higher than usual.

Although a number of soaring, World Health Organization in China may represent the level of awareness is due to report, not because of the increased amount. In the past, people may not be too concerned but now is being reported.

“One of the reasons this number increased this year because the case is not increased, but due to reporting more cases this year,” said Vivian Tam, spokesperson for WHO.

China’s Ministry of Health noted in 2007 there were 80 thousand cases of bird flu with 17 deaths Singapore. Years ago, the 27 outbreaks of this kid with the tens of thousands killed. Anhui province into areas terparah kid because as much as 26 to be korban.AP / Tempointeratif